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    The Syradons
    The Syradons are a species of reptile that have developed a way to harness acid, and spit it out at their enemies! They are moderately large, about the size of a rhinoceros, and are very tough.
    Behavior: The Syradons normally travel in large herds, ranging from 10-20 individuals (Some people called them Acid Buffaloes because of this.) When a possible threat is nearby, they will normally check it out, and wander away from it, but if the threat comes to close, they perform a similar strategy to that of a triceratops, where they form a circle around the young, heads facing outwards, ready to spit at anything that could attack. If the threat attacks, they will spit and bite and tackle it until it is no longer alive.They are predators, and males hunt down almost anything they can handle to bring back to the herd. If you happen to kill one, they would drop 5-8 hunks of meat, and maybe 1-2 of its hide, which would be great for armor. Also, mother Syradons are VERY protective when it comes to their young, and will do anything to keep the young safe. Be careful around the babies! There are rare cases of taming and riding these wild creatures, but it is extremely hard (If there is a leveling system in mounts and animals, this would be a higher level :rofl:)​
    Appearance: The Syradons are large reptiles, about the size of a rhinoceros. They have extremely tough, greenish skin, with bright green eyes to scare off anything, and EVERYTHING!​
    Environment: The Syradons live on almost completely volatile and unsustainable planets, hence their hardy behavior. They have adapted to eat rocks because of this, not because of nutritional value, but because they can use them to spit acid. They are somewhat digested in a gizzard-like organ which it is transformed into acid, and sent to a pocket in the esophagus so it can be spat out at enemies. The Syradons go through a hibernation phase through the tougher times of the year, and sleep in caves. If you are brave enough, you can steal their eggs for supper!​
    More info later. Anyways, here is the sprite idea:​
    AcidBuffaloSpritev2.png AcidBuffaloRedSpritev2.PNG AcidBuffaloGreySpritev2.PNG
    The flag is the colors I used, while the flagpole is the average height of the player. Players are about 28 pixels high, while the Syradon is about 42.​
    If you have any questions, ask below! It's nice to hear ideas :)
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    This is an interesting idea, i would like more details into it when you add it, it looks pretty cool (nice drawing too!)
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