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    Welcome! This is a short comic about Novakids.
    This isn't based on any official lore, and was written way before Starbound 1.0 was launched. I didn't bother chaging anything based on what's official, because it would trash the story alltogether. So lore inaccuracies aside, I hope you enjoy!

    This is based on a Starbound fanfic of mine. The story, Noble Sin Chronicles, never really got under way and won't ever be finished. But if you wish to check out everything there is, click this:

    Also, check out the NSFW! No no no, not like that, I mean the Network of Starbound Fanfiction Writers. There's a bunch of literary works (both Sb and non-Sb!) listed in our member bios. Click the logo to get there:

    Page 1:


    Page 2:


    Page 3:

    Arrives later
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    Wow... That's really good! I am too much in awe, and wait expectantly for the next page.
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    Ooooh, I like that font choice! Can't wait to see what's next!
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    *Seatbelt secured* I'm ready to go!
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    Promise before we even leave the first page....I LOVE IT!! and it's got a hint of Western so I'm naturally 280% For this!!
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    Thanks everyone! :DD Just wanted to say that, nothin' else.

    Looks like I don't have a page ready today. Maybe by Tuesday? I want to get into the real thing soon.
    Oh, and here's the title page without the texts obscuring it to make this post seem less empty.

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    Page 2!

    Here we go, for reals.


    Peace and harmony for everyone. Phew, what a relief. Okay, the comic is done! Everyone lived happily ever after, the end!
    ...but that ain't this story

    So who's speaking here? Who's our dear narrator? That'd be young Omicron Brighton, also known as the Shooting Star later in life. The protagonist of Noble Sin Chronicles. She is young, and merely recounting a story that has been passed to her. So this is from the perspective of a person who still quite can't judge what's true and what's not... This stuff would've been elaborated in the actual story, but nope that didn't happen.
    Another important person who will not be named in the comic is Decane Ferrum, that Novakid-kid in the last panel. He's a bit of a protagonist here in this comic.

    Also, every panel has a Novakid pointing at something unknown. no clue why that happened >.>
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