The Throgs - All Hail The Mighty Blubberbutt!

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  1. Red Space Monkey

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    The throgs (mixture of "Tron" and "Hog") are a pigmen-like race and faction in Starbound, that roam the universe in search for, well, something to eat. And for their diner they'll munch anything that isn't fast enough to escape their hungry mouths. Even you could end on their menu card.

    Throgs are a humanoid pig species. They're fat, scruffy and short-legged with an overall obese look. They're relatively small and pretty bloated with a short neck that is nearly enclosed by fat.

    - IDEOLOGY -
    These beastmen follow a specific "religion". Their leader, the Mighty Blubberbutt, is omnipotent commander and infallible gourmet. To satisfy his hunger for all sorts of crazy meals and snacks, they travel all across the universe, killing everyone that stands in their way. Their is a throgish saying: "If I can't eat it, it's not existant to me.".

    For weapons, throgs use over-sized forks with a head that is energized with electricity. This way, they can barbecue their victims right after they killed them, eating them off the fork. Also, there are versions of the forks that directly shoot lightning bolts..
    The armor is a homage to the movie saga "Tron", resembling the well-known style. It's quite funny to see such fat and ugly guys in a skintight dress, where the belly is already swelling out.

    Maybe more to come!
  2. Epicface

    Epicface Heliosphere

    its like stealing bacon from a technologically advanced pig-humanoid baby!
  3. RitsuHasano

    RitsuHasano Existential Complex

    Pig People with electrified forks... you know, I really like that idea.
  4. NamAdNats

    NamAdNats Master Chief

    I like the idea, perhaps an allusion to Star Wars could be made; Gamorian Guards. They could be guarding Blubberbutt a big slug-like monstrosity.

    Perhaps depending on their ranking in Throg society depends on their utensil of choice; lower Throg-peons would have to use either their hands or something (frying pans?) working up through the army of spork commandos up to knife commanders and generals with rotating spaghetti forks.
  5. Red Space Monkey

    Red Space Monkey Phantasmal Quasar

    xDDDD Great idea with the weaponry!
  6. Daitenshi

    Daitenshi Giant Laser Beams

    Mmmmnnn~ Bacon.... -fires orbital Cannon- Yep... Lots of Bacon
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  7. Red Space Monkey

    Red Space Monkey Phantasmal Quasar

    Could be something they drop on death. ;D
  8. NamAdNats

    NamAdNats Master Chief

    They could also have hoover-like mechs that "suck up" things before them.
  9. Daitenshi

    Daitenshi Giant Laser Beams

    Is this like a mix between Starwars and Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs? oh and Tron
  10. Monkolian_of_Grophus

    Monkolian_of_Grophus Void-Bound Voyager

    And of course, the Stereotypical "Fat Man/Pigs Hoverboard" As a mount for higher rank ones...
    Maybe you could even get one yourself?
  11. Daitenshi

    Daitenshi Giant Laser Beams

    xD and it swallow your player whole because it 4x its size?
  12. Red Space Monkey

    Red Space Monkey Phantasmal Quasar

    Yupp, no way they would move on their own, it's just wasting valuable fat. ;D

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