The Time Portal

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  1. AngleWyrm

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    - pop -

    “Heh, it worked!”
    “Woah, who are you?”
    “I'm you, one minute from now. That doorway is a time portal.”
    “You're -- You're me?”
    “Yep! See here where it says 'relative temporal coordinate?' I just turned that to -1 minute.”
    “And you – I – just up and went through it? That doesn't seem like a risk I would take.”
    “Do you remember me appearing in front of you just a moment ago?”
    “Me too.” And with that I shoved the earlier me through the doorway.
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    Wait, what are the rules of this forum game?
    How does one play?
    Also, the top and bottom pictures are broke for me.

    But I like what you have here, but I'm not quite sure it fits here yet...
  3. AngleWyrm

    AngleWyrm Scruffy Nerf-Herder

    Story telling sketches about time travel. Little sci-fi shorts about what time travel is like.

    Just over the ridge, I saw a pack of glitch robo-herders headed this way. It could be a tough engagement.
    "If a time machine can make two of me appear at the same time, then how about an army of me?"

    pop, pop

    "I'm You-2," the the first one said, "you come back here five minutes from now as me."
    "And I'm You-3. Ten minutes after this conversation is over you come back here again. So we've folded about half an hour of our timeline into this meeting."
    "What, only two of you? I wanted an army."
    "Yeah, about that" replied You-3, "If You-2 dies, then he never makes it back to the time portal to come back as me, and so I cease to exist."
    "And also," piped in You-2 "If you saw me die on the battlefield, would you really head back to the time portal and go through it to be me dying on the battlefield? If I were me -- and it just so happens that I am -- I wouldn't go back through that portal."
    "Hmm. Ok, so now I gotta go through this conversation a couple more times as you-2 and you-3? It seems rather a chore now that I know how it plays out. I'm just gonna set the controls to jump forward to after all that gets done."

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