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RELEASED The Too Many Instruments Mod 1.15.1

When you feel like 31 instruments isn't enough.

  1. Anoyth

    Anoyth Void-Bound Voyager

    Anoyth submitted a new mod:

    The Too Many Instruments Mod - When you feel like 31 instruments isn't enough.

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  2. SpiroExDeus

    SpiroExDeus Cosmic Narwhal

    Kaxixi and Berimbau (Played as one instrument)
    Berimbau is a tuned two toned string instrument played with a stick, a stone/coin and a kaxixi (woven basket shaker). The coin or stone is touched to the string to change the tone. The Kaxixi is held in the same hand as the stick. The bow of the instrument has a hollow gourd attached as a sound box. A wah wah effect can be produced by holding the opening of the gourd to the body intermittently.

    It sounds like this:

    I'm sure you'd guessed already but the berimbau is the instrument that starts the tune and carries on throughut


    Jaws harp.
  3. matthew57778

    matthew57778 Phantasmal Quasar

    This mod dead?

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