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    The Treant:

    Unrefined wood x6
    Leaves x6
    Vines x4
    Red apples x1~2
    Green apples x1~2
    Oranges (rare) x1~2


    Anywhere with trees. Mostly found in forests/jungles.
    Stronger at Day.

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions:

    There must be at least 5 trees in the area. Treants do not spawn frequently.
    Treants have 12 Hitpoints, 3 Armor and no mana. They take more damage from fire-based attacks.
    At day, they have 15 hitpoints, 3 Armor and no mana. They still take more damage from fire-based attacks, but less.


    It walks. (duhhh)


    Treants attack slowly (once every 1.3 seconds) in melee range by swinging its branches. Each attack does 4 hitpoints of damage.
    At day, each attack does 5 hitpoints of damage and the treant has increased attack speed (attack once every 0.8 seconds).

    Every 10 seconds the Treant can use 'Root', a spell that does no damage but stops the movement of all players within a 3-step range of the Treant for 2 seconds. At day, players are rooted for 3.5 seconds.


    Author's note:

    I'm quite new to the game so I'm not sure if I balanced this mob well enough or not, so I'm willing to take constructive criticism and will make necessary changes to the mob. Please don't flame the thread if the things I wrote doesn't make sense. Thanks!

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