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    This mob is unique in that there only exists one of its kind at a time. There is a really small chance the Unseen will spawn on your planet when you land on it. It will spawn at a random location and wander around aimlessly. Upon finding and attacking it, the Unseen will try to run away and you will have 10 seconds to chase it down. After this time is up, the Unseen will open a rip in space and time and escape through it. This immense power makes this beast so desired by many hunters all across the universe, because it is said, that it is the only one of its kind.

    You have the chance to find this mob everytime you land on a planet and its health will be restored. Only if you manage to drop its health below 30%, it will stop fleeing and actually attack you with devestating force. If you are actually able to kill it, you will be rewarded with some unique and rare drops.

    Everytime the Unseen is killed, the next version of it that you will encounter is way stronger then its previous version, but will hold bigger treasures too.
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    Sounds cool, but I'm still not sure. Doesn't reaaaally seem like the kind of thing that would be in Starbound, but hey, what do I know about what would be in Starbound?

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