Mob The Virorb Mobs could be This Games "Flood"

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Chucklehead, Sep 6, 2013.

  1. zero-gg

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    You know, I still haven't seen a good reason why this idea couldn't work. The people who don't like this say the idea of an alien parasite is unoriginal or too gimmicky even thought it's going to be in the game anyway. This could make the virorbs a plague that is feared rather than just an enemy you would occasionally come across. Im pretty sure that when he said that they could be the next flood he meant that it could be a unique parasite that is exlusive to this game and has it's own backstory. I don't think he was saying he wanted to directly copy the idea. And speaking of unoriginal, do you know that Creepers are going to be in the game too? Mobs don't need to be randomly generated to be good.
  2. Sarzael

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    If there are floods i dont think this should be the ONLY one. A galaxy is far to big as to contain just one plague, lets not speak about universe or multiverse (Darkbounds)
  3. Pseudoboss

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    I like this idea, having several different types of parasitic or plague mobs would be quite fun. You could have a horrorific bioengineered plague, and have a somewhat more happy Virorbs parasite. From what i've heard of the Darkbound (which isn't much, I only skimmed the opening thread) they're sort of incorporeal mental parasites, which would be badass also.
  4. Sarzael

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    They re not parasites, they have their own creatures and workers and stuff. They re more of a corruption, as they infest what they touch, but they dont need such methods to survive. Perhaps you can call them parasites since they literally consume dimensions in order to stabilize their own, broken one.
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    The vivorbs aren't supposed to be some morbid evil take over your body type parasites. They're supposed to be kinda funny (he did call it head schlorping) and annoying. They fly around and grab your head and then deal damage as well as other potential effects based on the subspecies.
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    There supposed to be funny and annoying-

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