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    Art by Shwig
    Reference Art

    As seen in the episode "Blink" in Doctor Who, as described by the Doctor, they are believed to be an alien race who are (or almost) as old as the universe, with unknown origins. They feed primarily on energy; this energy can be either electricity, or even the "life essence" of a person. The latter is performed by simply touching, and sending back said person to a time that predates their birth - they will then feed on the "potential years" of life that person would have lived, if they had stayed in the present.

    The Angels have developed a defense mechanism that triggers when another being observes them. They will become "quantum-locked", occupying a single position in time and space, a form that they cannot suppress. While in this state, they will appear as statues to their observers. Because of this, if Angels were to ever look at each other, they would be permanently locked in place until an outside force moves them. This is reasoning to them covering their eyes, and appear "weeping"

    Additionally, while in their statue form, they will not be destructable by normal means.

    If starved of energy, not only will their primary strengths be weakened to the point of non-existence, they will eventually turn to stone without need to be watched, and corrode as a normal statue does.

    The Angels are also known to transcend into a much more powerful form.

    An Angel's main mechanic will be all about it's movement. When first encountered by the player, they will simply appear to the player as a statue. When the player turns away and gains some distance, the Angel will break free from their encased form and attempt to close the distance between them and their newfound prey, very quickly (their paramount ability is in fact their speed, as seen in the episodes.) If the player turns back to the Angel, they will be frozen in place.

    A light source can also be placed near an Angel to prevent it's movement, however as a counter (and as described above) they can drain the energy from this light source.

    Here's a scene from Doctor Who about the Angels (I'll warn you, it's a bit creepy.)

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions and Enviroment/Habitat
    I'd intend for the Angels to be a challenging, early to mid tier type of mob. As such, when naturally encountered at these lower levels, they should be considered a very rare spawning mob.

    While they can also, by chance, be found anywhere underground as a sole mob, they will be primarily found in groups of three or four "guarding" temples with a loot chest. These temples should be big enough, or at least structured in a way that the player will be forced into proximity of the Angels and also "turn away" from the Angels if the players decides on pursuing the loot chest without digging through the temple from another direction.

    These temples should ALSO be considered very rare spawn locations. Like, an average of one or two temples can be spawned on every 5 planets.

    As opposed to their ability to permanently send a person back in time in order to feed on their life essence, I'd suggest a simple drain of health or a quick slash of their hands at the player. They should cause normal to high amounts of damage.

    As stated above, they can be temporarily frozen by placing a light source near them. Overtime, they can drain the energy from this light source in order to pursue the player. They can also be walled off, but they can break through weak material surfaces.

    The only way a player can properly destroy an Angel is by either having access to high tier weaponry that can destroy them in their somewhat-indestructable form, or by engaging the Angel in complete darkness.

    When an Angel is killed, I'd imagine their death animation as something like, turning back into stone, then corroding away or breaking in half.

    These Angels should have a normal to normal-high amount of health and armor. While in their statue form, they should be invulnerable to almost all forms of conventional damage.

    High tier, end game weaponry can ignore these defense mechanisms, and let the player destroy them in their helpless form.

    Upon expiry, they will not drop any form of loot (they're statues silly, they're not going to carry space dollars on them) as the real rewards will be the loot chests that they are guarding.

    The loot chests themselves can be unique in appearance, and can also bear a unique item (weapon, armor, or tool, etc.)

    However, on rare occassions their forms won't corrode away, and the player can collect this statue and use it as a trophy or decoration of sorts.

    Coming soooon

    To do list:
    - Detail origins
    - Detail conflict between Angels and Iachesis
    - Come up with a less unfortunate name

    Author's Note
    I was just watching a stream of the Blink episode, and I saw how easily the Angels' abilities and likeness could translate into a Starbound mob!

    The angels should be imagined as a very challenging mob early to mid game (and a nuisance end game, when given access to much stronger technology) that should instill a sort of thrill in the player upon their first discovery. If possible a seperate creepy musical score should begin playing when in proximity of the Angel to further increase that feel of "Why do I feel like something bad is about to happen thats related to that statue I couldn't break earlier..."

    The mechanic specified I'd imagine could be very thrilling on first encounters (though I can understand that it could also become lackluster and borderline annoying as time goes on, if encountered too many times), and should be made with the point of completely creeping out the player. They should instill a certain palpable amount of laughable fear in the player similar to how a player would react when hearing that Hsssss from Minecraft's Creepers.

    Alot of things can go wrong and right if this mob were to be made, but I'm willing to help in that aspect.

    Community input and criticism very welcome!
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    This has to be in the game, can you tame them?
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    Haha no.

    You can't use them as personal sentries for your own house. :p
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    Slitheens should be in game!
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    Raxacoricofallapatorians in Starbound? Could be a cool thing to see.

    Super rare mob, only encountered in NPC towns taking the disguise as one hapless victim.

    Poison darts and butt burps as main attacks. :D
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    I was just thinking about that.I want those.
  7. you mean the silence?
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    I'm afraid I don't follow, that question was directed to who now?

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