Race the Zaahir

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by Lucid_Dakou, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Atlus

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    These have over 300 positive votes and counting, more than any other race.

    Is it happening.

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  2. SagaTheDragon

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    The race idea is amazing, I sure hope they do something with this!
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  3. Captainpeels146

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  4. Commander Benny

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    Wow man just...Wow. I think of stories all the time but for Star-bound I've been getting a little writers block. This has truly amazed me and I basically never say that. also regarding the whole bloated rich upper class bugs who just have (in their eyes) worthless servants carrying them around or providing them entertainment thing, be honest here, is this somewhat inspired by the hutt race from starwars?
  5. Earthworm Jim

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    Lucid, why is there not a mod for this race yet? I know you know several people who are good with sprite work; make it happen!
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  6. Apostus

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    Would play.
  7. Gia-Knight

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    man, this is a great idea! desert arthropod merchants. also maybe one of their dungeons could be an abandoned zaahir city full of bandits and rebels
  8. Aquias

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    Beautiful Artwork. Awesome Idea.
  9. AndIMustMask

    AndIMustMask Tentacle Wrangler

    I am absolutely in love with this race--it doesnt step on other race's toes, has a unique look and town setup(s), and i've always wanted to play a bug-person. your variety of head/"hair" is absolutely great

    some suggestions for face/hair (if they haven't been suggested already):
    fly head (large compound eyes and short hairs sticking up from the skin)
    fly proboscis
    spines/short horn pairs (like some types of caterpillar)
    fur squared mohawk (like the tussock moth, i think it's called)
    spiral antennae (forward- and backward-facing)
    butterfly proboscis
    mosquito proboscis
    cockroach "face" (with the small grabby things like the mantis face, but protruding more)
    cockroach "hair" (an oval chitin that extends down to mid-back)
    ladybug 'pixie cut' "hair" (short circular chitin with the ladybug's trademark design)
    twin long 'horns' (the counterpoint to the single horn beetle)

    pardon the doublepost, but i may take a crack at cleaning up those initial male/female sprites in a few minutes (once i grab PDN on this computer and have something to eat)

    Uh, any way i could get a scaled down version of the OP sprites? trying to resize them myself blurs them, even when i disable anti-aliasing and such.
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  10. kcela

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    i feel like making hundreds of accounts so i can up vote this
  11. Lucid_Dakou

    Lucid_Dakou Void-Bound Voyager

    getting those people to actually work on stuff is like herding cats. It just ends with frustration and a lot of meowing.

    I can send you the .psd of, at least, the purple beetle guy at original tiny size if you've got Skype or know a file sharing site I can use for that. I don't think imgur supports .psds
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  12. BurningSprite

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    Incredibly good idea but they remind me too much of WoW's Qiraji/Nerubians/Mantid

    Other than that +1
  13. alphabetsoup

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    Would love to see this in the game! Having an upside-down structure (well, upside down compared to us humans) makes them feel more alien.

    Since you mentioned that the rich live in the lowermost levels, and the poor live in the uppermost levels... why not reverse the terminology? Sure, it might be confusing to a human to hear a Zaahir noble say, 'You're a pathetic creature above me'; but it helps add a bit of depth (no pun intended, but hilarious in hindsight) and alien-ness to their mindset. It might even fuel several misunderstandings in their history of interracial relations. A few other dialogue examples off the top of my head:
    • "Surface dweller" ~= human expressions 'bottom dweller', 'bottom of the barrel'
    • "My station in society is deeper than yours" ~= "I am above your station"(that one has the added benefit of sounding like it comes from a snooty hipster... "It's pretty deep stuff, you wouldn't understand it.")
    • "Digging deeper"~= "Climbing to the top [of the social ladder]"(that one, to an uninitiated human, still sounds like a positive thing, but sounds more like uncovering things and getting serious rather than its actual meaning in Zaahir society)
  14. ObsidianDragon13

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    oooooh i love the creativity on this having a bug race seems right and having it desert themed is a fantastic idea!
  15. ShamanMcLamie

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    Arabian style...Humanoid Bug people...Bugrom from El Hazard.

    For those who don't know El Hazard: The Magnificent World was an Anime from the mid 90's that was a Scifi Fantasy set in an Arabian Nights kind of world where they fought an evil empire of humanoid insects called the Bugrom. Was particularly noted for being one of the few anime where the producers considered the English voice cast as better and the official cast.

    Even Compare the Zaahir City with the Bugrom Colony.

    Zaahir City

    Bugrom Colony

    If El Hazard didn't inspire the Zaahir it sure is one coincidence. Just to be clear I'm not calling anyone out, or anything. I just thought it was worth noting.
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  16. Jonesy

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    Yeah, you should probably read the rules (specifically the part that prohibits alternate accounts) first.
  17. kcela

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    I didn't mean i will!:saywhat:

    just that i ponder it vigorously:lickitung: (<---- This is me pondering[VIGOROUSLY])
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  18. JessesanMan

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    I hope this isn't dead. I really love this idea. It keeps in with Starbound's theme but is different enough from the rest of the races to be a possibility.
  19. JellyJeffrey

    JellyJeffrey Space Hobo

    I would love to see this become an actual race.
  20. Lucid_Dakou

    Lucid_Dakou Void-Bound Voyager

    Huh... I was aware of the Bugrom, and I really liked their designs, but I've never actually seen all of El Hazard. I had completely forgotten how their city even looked. In all honesty, it is a coincidence. I didn't actively base anything for the Zahiir on the Bugrom, but might have subconsciously and never even realized it. The Arabian bugs idea came from a Skype conversation with one of my friends who was reading over a thread on the Starbound forum. The inverted city idea I took from wasp nests constantly being built in the corners of windows at my parent's house and being tired of bug races most commonly having cities underground based off ants. But maybe my brain was pulling things from memories of what little I saw of El Hazard when I was a kid. Good catch I guess.
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