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Vanilla (No Mods) TheGoodOldDayz Community [Long-Term 24/7 Vanilla Server]

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by teewee, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. teewee

    teewee Big Damn Hero

    Server Information:
    • 24/7 European hosted, long term, vanilla type server with a small friendly community.
    • Light RP is allowed but not enforced.

    Dedicated Hardware Specs:
    • Duel Xeon E5s @ 3.1Ghz, 24Cores 48 Threads.
    • 128GB DDR3 ECC RAM.
    • Fast Storage.
    • 100Mbps Connection.

    1. Respect our server and our players else you are not welcome.
    2. No game modifications!
    3. No cheated characters! -Plenty of other servers that won't care. But we do!
    4. NO COLORED names! it's just annoying. -Don't even think of trying to get away with it.
    If your current character does not meet these expectations, make a new one or find a server that suits you.

    • IP address: TheGoodOldDayz.com (Just copy and paste this into "Server Address").
    • Port: 21025 (You can leave the port slot empty if you don't want to write it).
    • Username/Password is left empty.
    If you cannot join, it's because you have a modified version of the game!
    -if you still cannot connect try verifying data integrity of the game.​

    Discord: https://discord.gg/xS9Xqpm

    Supporting our server:
    You can support this server by helping me with the costs.
    By donating to: paypal.me/goodolddayz
    Please send a lovely message and your players name OR Steam profile with your donation, so i know who to thank.
    -I do not sell or gift anything!

    Other Stuff:
    : feel free to join it.
    It's the best place to contact me, just drop a comment at the bottom anytime:

    Group Facebook:

    All our other game servers:
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  2. d3r3k

    d3r3k Space Hobo

    been playing on this one for two days now...anyone else play here?
  3. Palicence

    Palicence Void-Bound Voyager

    I play often but I recently haven't played starbound.

    EDIT: you inspired me to get on for a little.
  4. d3r3k

    d3r3k Space Hobo

    Yeah the MP thing is new to me...Im on the bacon one but I dont like that someone claims an entire planet lol. How far do i have to travel on an MP server where i can actually mine/build?
    But yeah i stayed off this game for a long time...played years ago. Just started back up
  5. MajorMac

    MajorMac Yeah, You!

    I haven't been able to connect. keep getting could not connect messages
  6. Palicence

    Palicence Void-Bound Voyager

    I tried this server, but got instantly banned for not removing my mods folder, because one of the mods I am working on happens to be a species mod. I decided that I wouldn't fight it because if the rules are so strict that they would ban you for that instead of just leaving an error message saying "remove species mods" then what's the point.
  7. MajorMac

    MajorMac Yeah, You!

    This is what I get every time

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  8. Return To Earth

    Return To Earth Space Hobo

  9. teewee

    teewee Big Damn Hero

    Our server is still running. :)
  10. Santiaguo1

    Santiaguo1 Space Hobo

    It kicks me for inactivity whenever i try to join

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