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Theory: Novakid Origins [ SPOILERS ]

Discussion in 'Starbound Discussion' started by Zebe, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    SPOILER WARNING: This thread has the ending cinematic for Starbound in it. Yes, it's in the Nightly, if you weren't aware. So spoilers as heavy as spoilers can be right now.

    It's been a year and a half almost as I edit this. This is old news but still spoilery about the ending. Also it's a bit outdated in info, but it's basically confirmed.

    Correct me if this has been posted before, or if it has been officially confirmed elsewhere. I tried to search, but I found nothing. I guess this is new stuff, but you can never know~

    Part 1: Theory; Novakids are fragments of the shattered Cultivator.
    Part 2: Existing lore is a freaking mess. Doubt everything.

    There isn't much lore on the Novakid right now. The six other playable races have their missions, lore, and part in the overall storyline. But the Novakid are kind of left out. They don't even have an Artifact, which are the things that open the Ark gate that leads to the Ruin (the-big-bad-tentacly-thing). Other races were given one by the Cultivator (the-big-nice-god-like-thing).

    So for those that don't know it yet, the Cultivator is a benevolent creator... being that stopped the Ruin in the past and sealed it into the Ark-place. But the Cultivator was weakened by the fight, so it uses the greatest power it holds: video game tropes. It gives six keys to each of the six races, so one day the races may open the gate and properly wreck the Ruin for good. Then the Cultivator apparently dies or something. Didn't see that one coming

    But Novakids didn't get a thing. Why? Well, here comes this theory.
    The Novakid weren't there when the Cultivator gave the keys. Nope, instead the Novakids are what was born from the Cultivator when it died.

    Okay, it might sound a bit far-off, but here's some cold hard evidence. The ending cinematic for Starbound. It's in Nightly and you can use an admin command to watch it. Just use /admin and then /cinema /cinematics/story/finale/finale.cinematic

    After you beat the Ruin, you'll have a short chat with a still sentient "piece" of the Cultivator:

    First off, the Cultivator is being represented by three colored star-like things in the text-box image. Sentient stars in different colors? Yep, sounds familiar. If the background is being taken into consideration as well, we have a bunch of different colors as well.

    But that was more of a side-note; here's the main point. A quote from the ending:
    So the fragments of the Cultivator became the Novakids, which didn't get an Artifact because the death of the Cultivator was what created them.

    The italicized part from the quote pretty much confirms this for me, being such a huge finger pointing towards the space cowboys we know and love (don't you? better start praisin', cause' that's the law 'round here *spins revolver*). But everyone draw their own conclusions; I'm here just to make a thread so I can yell "called it" if this thing turns out to be true.


    Round 2:
    Two in-game objects could be used to counter this theory: Ceremonial Cave Art and the Ark Gate itself.



    Let's just assume that the "8th race" depicted here is the Ruin thing. The first image of the gate even shows the Tentacle creature eye, and it just would make sense to erase it from the gate.
    But even then there are timing issues. The gate is opened by the Artifacts, which were created by the Cultivator. But if the gate was created before the Cultivator died, why are the Novakids there? The star-people being born from the Cultivator just wouldn't make sense.

    (Additionally, if the erased head would be the tentacles, why would they be there in the gate that was made after they were sealed in? I can see a few "but"s, yet it still seems weird. That's a whole another theory...)

    Same thing with the Cave Art. Huge being (Cultivator, perhaps) is present with seven other races (Novakid included!). Maybe just floran stuff though.They mightn't be that kind of lore-nerds.

    This all could just be chalked up to Chucklefish just trying to make this all a mystery, all "oo there's a race that was erased spoookyyy what could it beee" -style, while still keeping all seven playeble races in the pictures even if it is weird. With the incredibly straightforward story like this (collect artifact, kill bad thing, be hero), I think that could be the case. I don't see them throwing us some mad lore jigsaw puzzle when 1.0 arrives.
    But on the other hand there are too many inconsistencies in this for it to be that simple, if the devs want this to make any sense. But maybe this isn't aimed for overanalyzers. I dunno.

    So here's my theory evidence dump. Discuss or whatevs.
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  2. emeraldgreen72

    emeraldgreen72 Phantasmal Quasar

    I have a picture id like to give that goes with this theory pretty well I'll get it
  3. emeraldgreen72

    emeraldgreen72 Phantasmal Quasar

    Ok so I dunno if this is the same with every race but it's what my novakid says when I use the inspect tool on those ancient words if it is the same for all the races then I'm sorry image.png
  4. DarrkkFreya

    DarrkkFreya Void-Bound Voyager

    This... This is actually an awesome theory! <3 Certainly the one I could get behind :)
    It still doesn't quite explain Chucklefish reluctance about adding Novakid content like villages & stuff ><
    Still, would be cool if this proves to be true :nurunaughty:
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  5. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Thanks! And yeah, this is a lore thing. Not related to why the Novakids don't have any content. Which does kinda suck, imo. I guess the devs let them wait since the race was a strecth goal... :L hope they have something in 1.0
  6. Combozone

    Combozone Existential Complex

    I'm going to go with the assumption that because they were a stretch goal, they don't fit in as well as the other 6 races do in the plot.
    The theory that they are what's left of the Cultivator makes some sense. I think that the Cultivator just allowed the stars throughout the universe to go make babies as one of it's last acts.
    As for the Gate, maybe the Cultivator wanted some way to make sure that the Novakid were remembered? He probably knew that the Novakid would be forgetful, and so he created an indentation on the Gate to show some connection to the Cultivator as well.
    All in all, a good theory, but we will need word from developers to confirm.
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  7. DarrkkFreya

    DarrkkFreya Void-Bound Voyager

    Hmm, maybe I understood it wrong and got my expectations a bit too high ;( But it feels kinda pointless tbh to have them as "developer-supported race" if we still have to rely on modders for most content :zzz:
    It is really hard to judge though, and I know what is said about hindsight. I don't know what would have happened if Chucklefish decided on other, less ambitious and less ambiguous stretch goal. Perhaps we would have big fat nothing, and perhaps we would have Novakids as a well-developed modded race - something on par with Avali or Felins if people weren't waiting for Chucklefish in vain. Who knows ;) At least there won't be high expectations, continuous disappointment and yet another reason to be angry at Chicklefish over ;)
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2016
  8. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    As for novakids villages/etc, I think this is just a lack of time to implement them. If anything, they have been adding more content to a lot of the other races so it's likely just a matter of times, judging by the current Nightly.

    I mean, Glitch got peacefuls castles AND hostiles dungeons(when the old glitch castle used to exist only as dungeons).
    Avians got more town types too.
    Same for Apex afaik? If anything, I have now encountered BOTH Miniknog-controlled town and Insurgents outposts/field bases.
    Florans have finally received a LOT of love in terms of villages(compared to what I recalled).
    Hylotl went from one of the races without any single settlement(like the novakids) to being possibly one of the most populated race. With surface settlements both abandonned and inhabited as well as their ginormous and awesome(IMO) undersea cities. Serioulsy, the only way I could be more impressed with hylotl cities would be if they were to implement actual playable arcades minigames O_O (though to be honest that is best left to mods).

    And you know what? I might even have fallen on HUMAN "settlements" as well in the form of a refugee camp.
    At least, I assume it was a refugee camp and not a space camping ground. However broken down VR vehicles were placed as obvious limits to the "town", there were actual guards in human armor patrolling it.... and one of the denizens specifically worded the quote "Space is too big! I want Earth BACK!" which seemed to very much aknowledge the destruction of Earth.
    It did feel a bit WIP, but would be great if it implied we may meet more human settlements/colonies/refugee camps proper in the first place.

    Recall, for the longest while Novakids were far from the only ones to "not have received a whole lot of love". The only reasons florans/hylotl and others saw any "love" was because it was essential for their settlements/dungeons content to be "complete" or close to finished to test the new story missions unlock system. A result of this is thus very much the surprise I had for meeting anything close to an human "settlement".

    So if the humans can start getting "settlements" from no on? You can sure bet the novakids are likely going to be on the list before 1.0. And personally I don't mind if 1.0 only releases in August or September instead of July if that's what it takes to fully flesh out the content of the different races.

    Edit: Really, I hear the story is now "finished" in the Nightly.
    Which means that now that they finally have truly got all of the "essentials" out of the way, they can now "fill out" the world with everything else.
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  9. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    I think the reason the Novakids have been left last is that the devs have wanted to finish the story and the other races first. And yeah, it looks like the story is pretty much complete, so I'm just waiting for some novakid towns and stuff. They do have some furniture, I think, so it feels like there are at least some plans for Novakid settlements.
  10. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    Basically my opinion.

    Even in the current stable build there's actually some saloon items that allows one to get in a novakid bartender in their colony.
  11. DarrkkFreya

    DarrkkFreya Void-Bound Voyager

    No, they won't :( I'm sorry to upset you, but there won't be any, at least in 1.0 - and likely not ever. I don't remember exactly where, but they said they have put everything off to finish 1.0 first, and there will be no major features introduced to the game until then. And what's worse is that it really looks like Chucklefish never wanted or planned to "flesh out" Novakids - I've asked Supernorn on discord and he said they never really planned to do anything with them because Novakids are just stretch goal :cry: And that he cannot promise any content for them even after 1.0 :cry:

    Again, I'm sorry if I upset anyone (and I don't usually rely private conversations to public like this), but I just cannot hold that information in anymore. And that's why I said we will have to rely on mods for any Novakid-related content... So, in the unlikely event that some artist/modder reads this, and if they wanted to give a try on this but were waiting for Chucklefish to do their thing - please, don't wait and go ahead with it.
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
  12. Ludovic

    Ludovic Giant Laser Beams

    Actually, I assume that "major feature" is more the likes of "Spaceship combat" that would require additions to the engine than "settlements and microdungeons that can already be produced under the current engine".

    Which later category is something they've produced a lot of in the current span of nightly development.

    Originally Apex and Avians were the only ones with settlement. Now both of them have multiples.
    Florans had few and only got a couple later.... and now they have multiple types.
    Hylotl had none.... now have multiples.

    Humans used to show only in microdungeons-like structures like houses/etc as individuals and technically would be the ones that should have the least reasons to have formal "settlements" with actual borders like the current models for all races.... and now they might have actually started to get what might increasingly be "tent cities" of refugees.

    At this rate, novakids settlements or "lone tavern deals"/"lodges" or similar lodging if they prove to be more a races of separate loners are not stuff that would surprised me of 1.0

    I mean... as show above in this very thread, they've actually begun to write non-negligible lore for the novakids where they was none before. Descriptions of novakids inspection of the alien scripts giving them the impression of "stuff they have seen before" and the very direct hint they might actually be the descendents of the awakened and long since independent shards of the Cultivator itself.

    They may have started out with very little plans as for what content to produces for them because they were likely created at a time when the develeoppers hadn't finished writing the story.
    But now that the story can already be completed in the Nightly.... I doubt the developpers would drops hints so large without adding at least "some" layer of content relating to them. If not for 1.0 due to time constraints(then again, the likes of microdungeons apparently sound like they actually are one of the easiest additions to make to the games, to a degree), then most-surely as some of the early post-1.0 support I would be guessing.

    In anyways.... whether it's pre or post 1.0, I prefer not to make assumptions that nothing will "ever" be created for them or claim that this is a case of "modders to the so-called rescue" until it's very much confirmed long after the release that no content would have been coming for them.
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  13. DarrkkFreya

    DarrkkFreya Void-Bound Voyager

    Again, I'm really sorry to upset you, but it is not my assumption, it was confirmed (sorta) by one of the developers, even if it was over a PM in discord... Anyways, I have a screenshot of Discord chat as a proof:
    As you see, there is really not much to hope for :( If even developers can't "promise" any content, then what and who can we hope for apart from modders?..
    Face it, Chucklefish never really saw Novakids as a "real" race to flesh out, write lore, or make any kind of content for, and they are very unlikely do add any after 1.0 :cry: Likely all we are going to get is a formal handwave of a lore that Tiyuri mentioned (that is already in the nightly and consists of single sentence in the end cinematic). Likely with some "clever" plot twist too - to explain away total absence of other, non-player Novakid characters, close all doors on further development, and let developers get away with it :nuruhype:
    Again, I wish they went with less ambitious stretch goal, and then there will be no heightened expectations and no disappointment... But what's done is done. Wish I could draw and have English as my first language, then it would be a matter of "want something - do it yourself" :nurunaughty:
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
  14. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Uh, that doesn't really confirm confirm anything. At least that's how I read Supernorn's reponse. He only gives a reason on why there hasn't been any content (which is the same we've speculated about, hah). Him saying he can't promise sounds more like that he's not able to promise that because he doesn't know about the thing, or he just can't reveal that stuff. It's not like he straight off denied that Novakid content is unlikely with supreme developer authority.

    Also, i can't quote it right now, but Tiy has said in a Reddit Q&A (I think it was Reddit Q&A) that the Novakid will be tied to the lore somehow. That's actually one thing that sparked this theory in fact. But alas the Q&As are a mess so I can't really go and find it now. But that does make me expect either written lore or some other content. So definitely they've thought about "fleshing out" the Novakid.
  15. DarrkkFreya

    DarrkkFreya Void-Bound Voyager

    Yeah... but if they planned content and NPCs for reals... there would be something, anything in the nightly to suggest it, no? Hylotl furniture was in the assets way before they actually introduced settlements into game.
    But the thing is, there is nothing Novakid-related in the assets, no NPC dialogue, not even a placeholder for that dialogue, no furniture, no anything... They didn't even make place for Novakid NPCs - this definitely feels like a sign that there won't be any in the future. So this promised lore will likely not be something we'd like, it'd be more of an out-of-nothing lampshade hanging to explain why player character is the only Novakid and close the door on further development :(
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
  16. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    did you just edit that last post? pfft :L
    Why would there be something in nightly, if they're leaving the Novakid the last race? I don't understand why'd they need "placeholders" for that... or why would the devs have a need to suggest anything. They have all the essential things with the other races
    But seriously, nothing has been confirmed yet. There's no need for such a pessimistic view when there simply isn't information to confirm the developers' goals for 1.0 either way. I'm not saying there will be Novakid content 100% surely, but it's just silly to assume there won't be and the devs are going to forget the 'kids altogether.
    This argument is going both in circles and back and forth, literally between posts.
  17. DarrkkFreya

    DarrkkFreya Void-Bound Voyager

    Sorry! I think I owe you an explanation on editing posts...
    I know it's a bad habit, and I shouldn't edit them as much as I do, it's just that I sometimes hurry to write them, and, being a perfectionist, I often feel that my wording was off the mark, and I could have said what I wanted to better, after I've already submitted... so I return and refine it, sometimes more then once, especially if I'm really passionate on the matter, and nervous (like now!) :nuruconfused: If it makes people uncomfortable, I will try to reduce it... It would help to see if the post have been read/disable edits after someone else reads it. I don't usually edit my posts as much when they are in my native language (Russian). :nurunaughty:

    Now, returning on topic... I feel that neither absence in assets (seriously, reading diffs feels like there is no place for Novakids in engine itself!!!), not Supernorn's response wouldn't be a definite proof on their own, but, when they combine... It draws a pessimistic picture for me, and I can't help it. Can we agree to disagree on it and leave it at that?
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  18. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Ah, it's just that I would've totally missed your additions if I hadn't looked back by chance. :p It kinda throws me off on who're exactly replying to, since personally I'm rarely expecting people go back to check earlier posts... But that's alright, just confusing.

    I'm not exactly getting what you mean by that they don't have a place in the engine... if you're meaning the game engine, since I can't figure out what other engine you'd mean. I guess you mean something else related to the game's files, because game engine is sort of a different thing. But that's a language thing, I feel. (I'm not a native english speaker myself so I can get that...) But anyways, the Novakid can be added to the game, there's no actual limit to game content really. Well, they could be added if the devs get to that at some point... which I hope they do. Agree to disagree, cool by me.
  19. DarrkkFreya

    DarrkkFreya Void-Bound Voyager

    Welp, looks like I managed to make one post without the unnecessary editing. I guess being less antsy (more tired?) helps too :3
    And it's totally fine with me if devs cannot make it with Novakid content by 1.0, or are just postponing it for better times. I honestly think that a new dungeon(s) with all new assets made from scratch is a major feature, and I know Chucklefish are in a tough place right now, people are literally eating them alive & demanding refunds, and I understand that they want to finish 1.0 as soon as they can, even if "villages for every race" means "villages for every race minus Novakid"...

    I guess I'm just really, really anxious over what the new lore will entail :(

    And there is one final bit of information I feel like I need to share to complete the picture. There was one more discussion I remember, with Tiyuri this time, about same thing, and I said "Maybe I understood it wrong, I thought stretch goal means Novakids will be fully supported in the game like others, with the same lot as other playable races - villages & stuff", and he responded with something along they lines of "They do not fit into lore like that". ...Just WHAT could be in that lore that completely denies the possibility of having Novakid settlements? :( This was the last feather which tipped the scales for me and made me feel so pessimistic about future of novakids, made me think the much-awaited Novakid lore is some horrible handwave, something that will shut the very possibility on all further content and development and mods are our any chance to see something like this... Sorry I did not drop all the anvils at once and probably made myself look like a hater nutjob - I was just too nervous to remember (Novakid memory, lol), and I'm normally very uncomfortable to share private conversations with the world like this, and you are free to think what you will about this... Here's the screenshot if you need...

    Now, this I think is all :) This is all I can remember from the developer commentary I managed to gather myself.
    P.S. I know I sound retarded here >< I was really nervous... Was my first time speaking to celebrity :3
    Last edited: Jun 14, 2016
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  20. Zebe

    Zebe Space Kumquat

    Well, I'm really baffled you didn't remember this earlier... this is more than Supernorn's comment actually... Well, in any case, even if that really is real and there won't be Novakid content, my theory is probably correct. So yeah.

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