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  1. Wolf1e

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    Think about this. Evolution shouldn't it be possible? There should be a machine that we could develop w/ solerum* and the brain(maybe something else) at the end to be able to evolve the monsters. This idea is already hinted in the game with the po and po golem so it shouldn't be too hard to add. We could even throw in a fusion evolution with that but only maxed evo can fuse with similar monsters. Bu t it shouldn't end there there should be a way to identify the monster's D.N.A. so they could match and a way to fuse a monster with a fossil through the DNA. This could all be packed into a evolution chamber with an upgrade being a fusion chamber. It would be extremely fun to enjoy. I'm holding back all the ideas i have for this, but I feel like there could be soo much developed with the monsters. Since starbound is futuristic maybe dna splicing shouldn't be impossible for someone whose's flying in a spaceship.
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    *golemancy core
    Look it up in mods... There's a reason we don't have it in vanilla.
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    I was thinking more like a new mini game version like similar to the fossils one. I find golemancy core interesting but its not what I was envisioning. The concept is more of a mix and match.

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