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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ShadoweKas, Jan 3, 2018.

  1. ShadoweKas

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    I'm mid-season fall at the moment, and I'm impatient for the winter to come so I can redesign my farm. Having completed all story quests (Wizard, Mr. Qi, etc.), I have started to lose interest in the game and I'm looking for things to keep that Stardew Valley spark alive. Any ideas or suggestions about things that you do to keep playing?
    • Phea

      Phea Big Damn Hero

      I haven't really encountered that problem a lot yet, since I've just started, but I guess some things you could do are:

      - Start another save file and choose completely different professions, choose a different farm, live differently (like how some people do save files without buying anything at all)
      - Run through the Skull Caverns, see how far you can get (maybe try minimizing what items you bring to try and make it harder for yourself)
      - Check the wiki to see if you've uncovered all of the secrets, or just tell us what you already know here and we can tell you if you have done everything
      - Use mods to make the game a bit more interesting, if you're on the PC. If you're on console, you won't be able to use mods
      - Do some extreme farming. Plant thousands of crops.

      Or, if you want it to be winter already, just go to sleep each morning you wake up. If you're already at 10 hearts with everyone, then you won't lose your friendship with anyone. If you have crops, just water them and go back to bed.

      I think once the update with the multiplayer, new events, added areas, etc. are added, that spark will come alive again. Just have fun with it! :poke:
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      • Saraneth

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        thatdenverguy has a good video on ideas for when you're bored:

        I'd also recommend checking out his video on shed ideas, as redesigning fun doesn't have to wait for winter on those:

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        • Stryder87

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          Wait... you can press delete to remove items in your inventory?!?!?
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          • Seismothesaurus

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            Something you can probably do at no cost: community improvement projects! When I have a lot of extra wood/stone/tree seeds and time to burn, I go into town to plant trees, decorate with paths, and place torches. My towns all end up with a different tile mosaic covering the open area in the town square. That should burn a few days to get you closer to winter.
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            • ShadoweKas

              ShadoweKas Void-Bound Voyager

              Wow, that's a lot of great and unique ideas! Thanks so much, the community here is amazing. :D
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              • Jack Of Shades

                Jack Of Shades Pangalactic Porcupine

                What year are you on? I imagine with all those hard to do quests out of the way, you must be far! I mean, there is so much to do. One thing I tend to do (which I DON'T do outside of the game) is take a PARTICULAR interest in the denizens of Pelican Town. Do a fluid, actual, friendship with them. Only gift them on their birthday, or if you stumble across an item they LOVE, speak to them in passing. Arrange little get togethers after you memorize their routines, stalk them relentlessly until they give into your demands for friendship AND THEN PLAY D&D WITH THEM FOR HOURS! HAHAHAHAHA ...*ahem* Just, something like that. :3
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                • LadySurly

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                  Mod your game to buggery if you haven't already...
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                  • Lilliput

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                    When I get bored, I post to forum threads about things to do when bored with the game.

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                    • SunStunBros

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                      If I get bored enough and don't feel like sleeping through the days, I try to just make money how ever possible. Usually I attach the barbed hook onto my rod and let the game take over. I just get the catch going and it usually does the rest. :nuruninja:
                      I also just recently got into modding my game and man.. will I say if you haven't done it yet, try it out sometime. Makes for some pretty fun times.
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