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    First of all, love the game really fun. There are a few simple changes that I think would make the game perfect for long term continued play.

    - Main thing would be pushing/holding a button like right trigger to see everywhere the enemy can attack, and be able to move with that threat grid being shown, so you don't have to click every threatening unit manually and memorize the one safe spot you can go.

    - Having a "Play it out" option, to have the AI take over for you so you don't have to run around wiping up a game you know you won 20 minutes ago while the AI goes into full turtle waste time mode. So maybe give the "Play it out" AI a huge disadvantage so people don't just "abuse" the mechanic, like making your units do 50% less damage and have zero income, so you cant just turn on "play it out" from the start. Not sure, maybe even just giving the AI a concede option that you can accept when they know they lost. And or turn their AI onto aggressive at that point, so you can just finish it. A lot of my time playing is spent cleaning up won games, especially when I play with my friends, no one wants to sit around watching the last man standing wipe up AI, so they end up conceding, a little anti climatic

    - Having a binary win/lose record of games is enough personally, but having multiple profiles of stats and some basic overall stats to go over, maybe even replays to watch cool moments or improve play. I understand it isn't meant to be an esports game, but being able to tell who you have beaten on what maps with who would be really cool. Your most played hero, your favored unit, least cost effective, etc.

    - And of course having a quicker reference to the codex damage charts, showing both outgoing and incoming dmg numbers at a glance, maybe just flat out replace the "advantage/disadvantage" chart in place for "outgoing/incoming" with a thumbs up or thumbs down for the more casual player to know how to counter units. Explain the dmg modifiers of advantageous vs disadvantageous ground more so than good and bad, and a basic idea of what a crit even means % wise. More of the same of the awesome 1.2 patch basically.

    - The last super small problem I can think of, having a way to tone down the colors/brightness of the game. It's a gorgeous vibrant game, but extended play starts to be a bit rough on my eyes.

    I really love the game, (and Stardew Valley), and I usually don't post on a games forums, I think that these are some simple improvements that would keep me playing for years, especially with the amazing online multiplayer support.
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