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WIP Throwable+ [Lightsources] [0.06a] [Angry Koala]

Discussion in 'Furniture and Objects' started by LOCSA_XIII, Dec 9, 2013.


    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager

    This Mod add throwable objects and more.
    Atm i have 7 Colored Glowsticks
    and a boulder but i add more!
    Glowsticks are perfect to light up dark areas
    without jumping in dark holes.
    Glowsticks have a timeout.



    Newest Version [Angry Koala]

    DEV version (not final):

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/oz08dxzgls4en6q/throwable+LS 0.12dev.zip

    Older versions:



    Please remember Starbound is beta and my mod is alpha.. there are some bugs, maby .
    There are many changes in near future.
    Please backup your files!

    ...and sory for misspeling,typo ect. i am not US/UK

    Upcoming features (see dev version):

    -more glowticks in other colors [wip]
    -particle system [done]
    -sounds [done]
    -fix for glowstick timeout, physics and effects. [done]

    -moody colored torches with particle system and gloom effect! [yes]
    -more lightsources (better looking as the vanilla ones) [yes]
    -handheld colored torches and throwable versions! [yes]
    (know there is a version already but i make my own)
    -dynamide (i know somebody is working on..) [no]
    -add throwable small rock (add original autor here later) [no]

    0.06a [this version]
    + add 5 other colors for glowstick/ throwable
    - Bugfixes

    - typo fix at .thrownitem

    0.03 a
    + add Blueglowstick
    - Fix object size
    - Fix object color at area
    - Fix damage
    - Fix lighting color and alpha

    0.02 a
    + add Greenglowstick
    - change Damage of boulder

    0.01 a
    + add boulder
    - remove small rock ( add later)

    0.0.0 a
    Test version
    - throwable small rocks

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    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager


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    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager

    i figured out how to add moveable lightsources.. I add this in future updates!
    +moveable handheld glowsticks in many colors..
    +throwable glowsticks in many colors

    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager

    i need your help guys! what do you think?
  5. medikohl

    medikohl Void-Bound Voyager

    need purple and yellow glowsticks
  6. Bestpick

    Bestpick Big Damn Hero

    More Colors, not just Terraria.
    The Crafting recipe should be a Green Dye (just add another dye recipe or something) and some kind of Glowstick Vial made with glass.
    Or you could use torches with Green Dye to make Green Torches, then put them in the Vial to make a Glowstick..
    Blue Dye is in the game, may want to test it with them first.

    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager


    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager


    i change all the recipes later of course
    for other colors i add mixture recipes for example yellow dye + blue dye + gel + plastic = green glowsticks
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  9. BRAWW

    BRAWW Vice-President of the Red Gang

    Moved this to the correct subforum.
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  10. Demonasius

    Demonasius Space Spelunker

    This looks great. Exactly what I was looking for. How do you find the glowsticks out of curiosity?
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    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager

    Outdated , i removed this mod. sry
    Working on a better version with a new light FX.
    Old versions are still available here. Not for Angry Koala!
    This is what it look like in future:

    Frames with a alpha glow! :
    I think its just a little bit large for the char. wel lets see.

    Working on:

    + new (more) colors
    + new and alot better textures
    + animated
    + glowing
    + better physics (i research for a sticky version and less bounce)
    + particles
    + use new mod system
    + no player config modification
    - removing boulder

    thats it for now.
  12. Demonasius

    Demonasius Space Spelunker

    Nice can't wait to see the new version.

    I'll use the old one in the meantime. (Yes I've gotten it to work with Angry Koala)

    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager

    thank you very much!:)
    Now, Sneak peek time :rofl::

    You can grab a dev version here:
    https://www.dropbox.com/s/oz08dxzgls4en6q/throwable+LS 0.12dev.zip


    Throwable+ Lightsource
    version 0.12dev
    0.12dev (test version
    other sticks are not in now!)

    +change to Angry Koala (newest update)
    +texture overhaul
    +animated glow texture
    +add 2 new sounds
    +new mod system
    -removed player.config modifcation
    -removed boulder
    +new particle system (ermitter system, frames)
    +timeout 120sec.

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  14. Demonasius

    Demonasius Space Spelunker

    Nice, so gave the dev version a whirl and it's not bad. I like the snap sound they make when you throw them. Also like the design and sparkle effects they give off. Light radius seemed pretty good. Seems more logical to have them cost pixels rather than cobblestone like before so that was a nice touch. Overall I'd say the new version is pretty good I seen no bugs or issues, just a couple requests. I assume you will make support for the other colors as well? (Red, Green, White, Yellow, etc.) Also the actual size of them is huge, not that big of a deal but they are just massive in size. In any case, keep up the good work. I look forward to the finished version.

    LOCSA_XIII Void-Bound Voyager

    The biggest problem i have is to make them smaler.
    there is no option to scale items.
    For example: bluestick.thrownitem with { scalesize: ["16", "3"], }. ect .
    It would loose pixels and have less details..
    the stick is 32px long and 6px heigh. thats not much ..but ingame..wel.
    I could make them 20ish pixels long. for now i leave it so. maybe later sure.
    i add the colors in order. to come at your question
    Yes i work on all other colors and maybe 2 more again

    okay which colors can i add?

    Brown (should i ?)
    Pink (magenta)
    Blue (Dark) [done]
    Blue (Bright)

    this should be enough..

    this take some time. There is a huge change with all linked files now^^ more complex ..
    just compare the dev version with the older ones and this was only blue.

    Complex recipe stuff Idea:
    i was experimenting with a injection molding mashine.

    1. You have to buy P.E.T. or A.B.S . at a Material Market

    2. and make a matrix (a shaping tool) out of iron at a Anvil or a Matrix Shaper.
    [Output 50x for 2/ 5 Iron Bars]

    3.make plastic tubes with "1 small round Matrix" +5x Polyvinyl PET)
    at the injection molding mashine
    [Output 32 round Plastictubes]

    4. and craft it at a custom workstation (for example green) :
    yellow dye, blue dye , 1 cellmateria, 32 round plastic tube and 6 pixels
    [Output 32 greens Glowsticks, 1h timeout] , more cellmateria longer glowing time.

    This was all working on my older testversion! but i am not sure to add this. Its more advance and complex stuff.
    (but good for making (shaping) other nice stuff and deco objects for example complex celing lights, custom vase..all you want)

    I also was experimenting with a "gel" worldgen for other biological resources.
    If Tiy add his glowing (mushroom?) biome i use this resources instead.

    uhh and the snap sound was a halve empty coke bottle out of plastic.:rofl:

    EDIT: These are the frames & textures for the Machine
    the Extra Mod is called "syntheticprogress"

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  16. Demonasius

    Demonasius Space Spelunker

    I kind of figured that would be the case with the size, no big deal. Just figured I'd ask.

    For colors I would keep the same ones from your previous version. The thing with colors like Magenta and Cyan are they look too similar to other colors (Purple and Green respectively) so not much difference would be noticed, it would be more of a personal preference type of thing.

    I like the crafting machine idea. However I got an idea of what you can do to make it close to real life.

    Plastic is made of Carbon atoms primarily. Of course you would have to add Carbon ore to the game. We'll say like 1 Carbon Ore will make 5 Plastic Tubes. Now Glowsticks are made of chemical called diphenyl Oxalate and Dye. Now Dye is already in the game so your good there. (You may need to add recipes to make certain colors like Blue Dye+Red Dye=Purple Dye, not sure I haven't really played with the Dye system yet.) Now honestly I like the Gel idea and would make a good substitute for diphenyl Oxalate. Now for Starbound purposes they already have something similar with Slime in underground biomes. So a glowstick recipe could be something like....

    1Carbon Ore = 5 Plastic Tubes, 5 Plastic Tubes + 1 Red Dye + 5 Slime Blocks = 5 Red Glowsticks.

    The machine should be craftable though rather than purchasable as sometimes it can be awhile to run into any merchants.

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