Tips for starting year 2?

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    Hello Friends!

    I hace just started year 2 and I'm currently on the 5th of Spring when I realized that I really don't have a game plan. I've been actively trying to complete the bundles, as well as I've finally gotten married. Emily FTW! And I've built the deluxe Barn, regular coop, and the silo. I have the woodland farm, and I'm really looking for ways to maximize my profits and get that third house upgrade. But I've hit a road block as to when I should do differently this year than I did in the previous year. this is my first time playing through the game as I play on Nintendo Switch. I was just wondering if anyone had suggestions as to what I could do? I know this probably sounds super noob-ish, but I figured the masters of Stardew Valley would be willing to offer the new kid on the block a couple pointers?
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      Mostly it's just a matter of getting more ground planted this year. You hopefully have better tools, better energy restoring options and some sprinklers this time, so outdoing your first spring should be a piece of cake.

      There are a few new crops possible too. Pierre starts sells garlic seeds the second year, which are fairly profitable if you make it into Oil of Garlic. Coffee beans and strawberry seeds are even better if you managed to acquire them over the previous year.
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        Thank you! I definitely used the winter to upgrade my tools and did quite a bit of exploring in the mine. I just loaded up on strawberry seeds, and I'll plat some more garlic. I guess I just didn't know that you could make oil out of it! thanks for the response!
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          Build preserves jars and plant tons of cauliflower. You can either go for big patches that you water by hand, or sprinklers for them. First playthrough you're always a little behind. Preserves jars are cauliflower's best friend. You will make tons of money from pickled cauliflower. Try and get tons of sprinklers, and maybe unlock the Bus to get starfruit for summer, and iridium sprinklers. And for your information, you need Oil to make Oil of Garlic, which you need corn or sunflower seeds for.

          Build a fence around your barn, and invest heavily in pigs. They are extremely valuable. Plant grass starters so that they have food to eat. Pigs need to be outside anyways. Grass doesn't grow on the grassy parts of the forest farm, you have to plant it on the tillable area if you want it to spread to create food for your piggies. Pigs make back their value pretty fast if you have oil machines, and the Artisan perk. Do you have the foraging perks that give you multiple iridium quality things? That's the best one, so much money. You can get double truffles, and happy pigs will regularly give you 2 truffles. That's about 2.5 truffles per pig, at nearly 1500 gold each when made into oil! Pigs will take a while to pay for themselves, but having them over the course of a whole year will make back easily 10x your investment.

          In Summer, plant as many speed-gro blueberries as you have sprinklers for first day. Starfruit can wait a bit, speed grow blueberries are really valuable when planted first day. You get an extra harvest from them. Make sure you put down the fertilizer and water first, easier that way, speed grow is supposed to work after you plant, but it doesn't in my experience. When you get your starfruit down, start stockpiling kegs to turn it into wine. Starfruit wine is basically the best thing in the game for money.

          Get the coop upgraded ASAP. You need ducks and rabbits to complete the community center. Duck feathers and rabbit feet are really hard to get, even with very happy ducks and rabbits. Make friends with Demetrius if you need the Nautilus shell, he may send it to you in the mail. It's a hard one to get sometimes.
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            I would suggest trying to get the greenhouse bundle completed for the community center as soon as possible because it is super useful for planting and keeping a consistent amount of crops all year round no matter the season. This is great for extra cash that will always be coming in especially if its crops that continue to produce all year round. Don't forget to check out the Traveling merchant found left of Marnie's ranch on Friday and Sunday for things that can help with your community center bundles! If you start building kegs and fill your greenhouse with starfruit, as BigBerries posted, you can start making starfruit wine which definitely is a big boost to money gain. Once you have upgraded your house to the third tier, robin will offer an option to build a cellar and add some casks(Which you can fit in a lot more just make sure to leave room for you to walk). While these take a long time to age wine to Iridium star quality, the amount that comes from sell them is worth it. Just drop the wine down in all the casks and just forget about them for a month or two during play and continue selling the non aged wine and any crops or animal products you produce.
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              Work more towards Grandpa's Evaluation (I'm not sure what that's called)! You'll want to work more towards levelling up your skills, and bonding with your neighbours as well as your pet. Upgrade your house to the max if you haven't already, and get a barn filled with pigs in an enclosed area so you can get lots of truffles!
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                Year 2 is when I finish off everything I need to get a good farm evaluation. Max all the friendships, finish off my skills, catch the rest of the fish I'm missing and hopefully find all of the artifacts left. I usually have my profit generation taken care of and my farm is 90-100% up and running sustainably by the end of year 1.
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