Mob Tone down the bird spawning?

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by conorf1807, Mar 4, 2014.

  1. conorf1807

    conorf1807 Void-Bound Voyager

    I'm sure everyone will agree that the birds in Starbound are extremely annoying. I'm not suggesting they get removed, but maybe turning down the spawn rates would be somewhat of an improvement. Its not really useful, ideal, or remotely realistic when there ~3 birds on/near the screen at any one moment (might be an exaggeration, but it feels like that).

    So please, developers, for our sanity's sake, stop with the darn birds!

    EDIT: As I was writing this post, I had the game running in the background. In the 5 minutes it took me to write this thread, 8 birds had gathered around me. I'd say that's too many.
  2. Dargona1018

    Dargona1018 Existential Complex

    I think that there should probably be something along the lines of different spawn-rates of certain creatures (land animals, birds) on different planets. Maybe coinciding with the biome.

    Desert - Less birds, but more powerful; Less large land animals; More small land animals
    Forest - More of everything
    Toxic Forest - Much more birds since land is much more dangerous since there are poison pocket

    And, I believe you understand what I am getting at.

    Also, I do understand your frustration with birds, but as long as you know how to deal with them, they are less of a bother, other than at night. :zombie:
  3. conorf1807

    conorf1807 Void-Bound Voyager

    Oh i know how to deal with them, in fact I find them really easy to deal with, but the problem is when you're building, no-one wants to have to switch to a weapon again to shoot a damn bird every minute or so.
  4. wdalphin

    wdalphin Astral Cartographer

    As far as I see it, it's not about birds, it's about planet life in general. "Birds" are just the same as the ground-walking creatures, only they fly. You have passive birds just like you have passive land animals. The problem is, the AI is very VERY basic. Everything is either passive or aggressive, and 3 out of 4 times it's going to be aggressive. It should be the reverse... most things you meet should NOT be immediately aggressive. If you've got five different types of life on a planet, only one of them is top of the food chain, and that's the one that should 9 times out of 10 be proactive in chewing on you. The others less so, the further down the chain you go, with the lifeforms at the bottom never being aggressive. Instead, they should flee at the very sight of anything else.

    The same with aviary lifeforms. Not everything should be an attack-on-sight killer. Most birds do not divebomb us the moment we step outside. Can you imagine? We'd be so hosed if they did. Most flying creatures stay high up for safety. They perch in trees and at the tops of buildings. It just makes sense.

    I think... at least I hope... that as the AI is expanded upon and improved, the issue with the wildlife will become more reasonable. What we've got now is very generic, two-option intelligence.
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  5. KatiePieMontez

    KatiePieMontez Orbital Explorer

    Well I'll be honest.
    For me Starbound adventure.
    I cannot find a single bird.
    I mean that too much of a hyperbole but, I literally just find like 3 birds in a planet.
    Not sure whether in contradicts what you're trying to explain though.
    But I thinks it's just either us who have the problem.
    Pfft :V
  6. Dargona1018

    Dargona1018 Existential Complex

    I now understand your predicament even more, @conorf1807 . Last night, I was building a base on my home planet, so I was of course building up and to the sides. I had to kill about 26 birds before I decided to beam up to my ship and beam down again to make it day. Quite annoying, to say the least.

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