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    Well, not for fools, for modders.

    This thread is intended for all those who enjoy making changes and creating content but would rather choose the fast way to do it.
    Since there's a lot of tools out there and many of them are outdated, we'll have to test them out to check whether they work or not. And by we, I mean you.

    Post anything related to tools for modding Starbound. From instant music replacers to animation modifiers or even save editors. Once you reply to this thread with a tool I will add it to this post with a short description.

    So, without delay, here are the first tools:

    TILED :Tiled is a free, easy to use map editor that will make it easier for you to edit dungeons and towns. Enjoy!

    If the thread works it will become a big compilation of all sorts of modding tools. If the thread really works we may even have a nice sticky! Feel free to contribute.
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    Tools tag is only for tool developers. Not for compilation threads.

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