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    Ok this may seem odd to be placed here but at least hear me out, I think there should be a process to terraform planets the long way allowing anyone to do so, sure the endgame portals and bosses that lead to terraforming stations sounds fun but that's the easy route, instant terraforming, I don't enjoy that much, I prefer a long process of bringing life to a planet by first going to a barren world and playing trees where I can and planting grass, while also placing water in some areas to allow the sun to evaporate the water to cause weather to become possible on the planet then (THIS PART HERE IS WHERE THE NPC'S AND CREATURES COME IN I'M USING CAPS TO MAKE IT NOTICABLE) I'd like to either bring animals like monsters and harmless creatures to the world to allow the plants to survive because the plants are only there to make a breathable atmosphere for creatures to arrive in, if none arrive soon they'd die leaving a world that a creature can live in but no plants but that can be fixed if a creature is brought and you'd plant a plant down while it's there to allow it to breathe, anyways that could be done or a colonist can be brought down and that would stabilize the atmosphere and in a process that requires much work and many plants and creatures of all types, the world will slowly turn into another form of planet based on how you took care of it, heck you could also have unique planet types that can only be made this way since these types only exist in ideal, specific circumstances and since you're pulling the strings you can do a few tasks that will cause it to become something very unique, I mean this is something I really wanted to do in this game and I got disappointed when it never happened but please if there's any way of making this happen please try to allow it to happen sorry if I bother anyone about this

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    A good point to add if you change any land on a planet, monsters can no longer spawn in that transformed land, I flattened a whole planet, now only birds spawn.

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