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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Michelrpg, Apr 27, 2019.

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    So... about a year and a half ago I was working on translating Stardew Valley. I had some progress but events in my personal life put an immediate stop on that. I'll spare you all the details but it took me considerable time and effort to kind of get my mind back to its usual state. Actually still working on that, which brings me to this next part

    I haven't been able to focus very long on something. Whereas 1,5 years ago I could look up programs and such, I was only overwhelmed for a bit but I could make it work. However, as things are right now, it takes me a whole lot of reading and re-reading to learn things. Which right now, is an issue. I still wish to translate stardew valley into Dutch. I am more than confident in my ability to be able to properly translate this game fittingly and accordingly.

    What I can't seem to do though, is properly work on the files. From what I can tell, the way I used back then (unpacking individual XNB files and editing them) is not no longer considered a proper way to do so due to SMAPI. Yet some sites still recommend "easy to use" programs. However, I wish to use a program that allows for easy editing of text, dialogue etc, and have it easily be made into a modpack of sorts (or potentially become an official translation even). The files I had back then have sadly also been lost due to having to clean my hard drive, so I'm starting fresh again (which is probably best due to the many updates since then).

    I would like to know which programs would be BEST suited for this for someone with NO programming skills whatsoever, and is there an easy step-by-step explanation how this works? I have the "content patcher" but for the life of me I cant grap how that is supposed to work (but I possibly didn't install it correctly).

    Any help here would be greatly appreciated.


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