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Bug/Issue Trash Can Items Duplication Exploit

Discussion in 'Support' started by OneLegger, Jun 12, 2018.

  1. OneLegger

    OneLegger Intergalactic Tourist

    Me and my friend were playing multiplayer on the new beta of the game. I went and looted a trash can, and it gave me cookies. I entered a house, went back outside, and tried to loot the trash can again. I know it isnt supposed to let me but I got the cookies again. I entered the house again and came back out and every time I did this is gave me the cookies again. My friend, who is the host of the session, couldn't do the same thing. I found this works when looting a trash can and then entering any place that triggers a loading screen, and the trash can will be able to be searched again giving the item that the trash can has that day. I tried it on multiple trash cans across multiple days and it worked every time. My build of the game is 2854542. Once again, the host of the game couldn't do this but I could. I have not tried getting anyone else on to see if they could do it too.
    Edit: I am running Windows 10.

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