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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Songtress, Feb 13, 2014.

  1. Songtress

    Songtress Big Damn Hero

    So grabbed TAG, and I am running Windows 7 and low and behold, the setup doesn't work. I can't get it to appear to change buttons, so I can't tell what the input for the game is, for jump and such.

    Clarification: I cannot make the SETUP.exe working. I click it to run it ad administrator and.. nothing happens.

    Anyone have a suggestion on how to make it work?

    I figured it out Silly Comomdo Firewall + needed update Windows and it runs like a dream
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    • Songtress

      Songtress Big Damn Hero

      Thought I'd attack my thread, so I am attempting to get MAP 2 ( the one under the house in the Cargale (under the Table)- and I can figure out how to hit the switch anyone got a solution, I think I should use the Throwing hook, but I can't figure out how.

      Since you can only use the hook on the ground, when standing still, you can't use it on the platform (across from the hook- it's too far.) Dropping under the table leaves you in midair but you can't use the hook then...

      Anyone have a solution?
      • RobitStudios

        RobitStudios TAW Developer Developer

        Hey! First, sorry I missed your post about getting Setup.exe to run. Glad you figured it out.

        Second, I think you have the right idea about the throwing hook but you actually SHOULD be able to throw while jumping. Just to make sure I'm not crazy I booted it up and you indeed can throw while jumping. So that's the trick. Hope this helps!
        • Songtress

          Songtress Big Damn Hero

          I tried it I can't seem to throw and jump at the same time( maybe it's because I am using a Game pad & not keyboard and mouse.
          • zeekstern

            zeekstern Void-Bound Voyager

            I have a RockCandy controller that I'm using and the only way to throw/jump is to hit the X/Y buttons at the same time, while holding the other thing in the up position. Sorry, I don't know what the "other thing is called". Also, if you are standing too close to something, you won't be able to throw the hook, so try it when you are standing out in the open.

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