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    Hello, for those who don't know about the steam group Treasure Adventure Universe, we had are first event a group chat with the man himself Stephan Orlando here is the Q&A log​

    Robit Studios: Hey! There's people in here!
    I3enG: hello, it happens
    Robit Studios: RioNiss! glad you made it
    Robit Studios: Rio just sent me some fanart/wallpaper that we're going to include for people who pre-order.
    Robit Studios: 777eza is also working on one
    Duncan [CSH]: Awesome
    Robit Studios: give me a min im going to post on facebook about the chat
    ????a??11?????: k
    Robit Studios: Ok. I'm back!
    Duncan [CSH]: welcome back
    King K. Roop: Welcome back.
    ????a??11?????: Bacon
    Robit Studios: So i think this might be the first time I've done something like this
    Duncan [CSH]: Do you want us to ask you questions? Any ideas for the format?
    ????a??11?????: will this game be able to run on weak computers not built for gaming
    Robit Studios: Yeah, go for it - i can answer any questions
    Robit Studios: its not going to need crazy fast computer but it will need to have a video card
    Robit Studios: with 128 MB VRAM
    ????a??11?????: k then im good I think
    Robit Studios: thats just the nature of the high-res textures we're using
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Do you plan on early access?
    Robit Studios: it eats up memory
    Robit Studios: Lucas- thats a good question
    Robit Studios: i actually kind of want to get some of your opinions on that
    King K. Roop: I was thinking on asking that...
    Frikomid: Hi S. Orlando! I wanted to ask you, are you planning any viral-marketing-strategy to make your game more known?
    Duncan [CSH]: I personally don't participate in early access, because I want to see the final game
    Duncan [CSH]: It might help you get funds, though
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Well I would be happy to try it out in whatever form its in complete or not.
    Robit Studios: i feel like a game like this wouldnt benefit from beta access the same way a sand-box style game would
    Robit Studios: but yeah, i could see how it would be interesting for people to get in and play it early
    Robit Studios: i dont have a problem with giving early beta access
    Bubble Raptor: What platform are you writing TAW in? (Language, engine, etc.)
    Robit Studios: its something i've thought about a lot
    Duncan [CSH]: Yeah, I mean it seems to be a common trend
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: and early access is always fun because you get to watch the game be built in a way
    Frikomid: Will be the game translated into Spanish, French [...]? I know English, but many people don't, so they'll miss the point of the game =/
    Robit Studios: ok im going to talk to my team about it - and id they agree we can do that
    Robit Studios: ok, the questions are stacking up and im going to take them in order
    Robit Studios: if i mss yours let me know
    RioNiss: I want russian language in game :p
    RioNiss: hehe
    Robit Studios: Frikomid - about a viral strategy - there is something being worked on - we're trying to get some prominate let's players to play the original game
    Robit Studios: and help promote the new remake
    Frikomid: oh, awesome! 8D
    Duncan [CSH]: Yeah, that would really help!
    Robit Studios: we're also thinkign about doing something where people who bought the soundtack can get early access to the new remixes
    Robit Studios: and can suggest names for the remixed tracks - then let the community vote for the favorites
    Robit Studios: but these thigns might still be a few weeks away
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Thats cool
    Duncan [CSH]: You could release the seperate tracks for each song and let the community do remixes. Not sure if Ellis would be cool with that, though
    Robit Studios: Duncan - thats a good idea - maybe we could do something in connection with OCRemixes
    Duncan [CSH]: That would be really cool
    Robit Studios: im going to put that in my notes
    Duncan [CSH]: I really hope premotion goes well. I played TAG for weeks when it came out on GOG
    Robit Studios: Thanks! so far things have been doing alright...i think my expectations were too high because of how well Starbound did
    Robit Studios: but im still impressed we're almost at $5000
    Robit Studios: Bubble Raptor asked about what lagunage or platform
    Robit Studios: im developing the entire game on the freeware engine Construct Classic
    Robit Studios: it uses a visual scripting language
    King K. Roop: I have a feeling if you get some prominent Youtube LPers to cover the original like you said, preorders will shoot up a bit. All those subscribers will suddenly be aware of it.
    Duncan [CSH]: Interesting, I've never heard of it
    Robit Studios: and has all the tools you need for 2d development
    Robit Studios:
    Bubble Raptor: Is this what you used for TAG?
    Duncan [CSH]: Seems a bit better than Multimedia Fusion, haha
    Robit Studios: no, for tag i used a similar (but inferior) software - yes Multimedia Fusion
    Gussver: how far along are you on Greenlight? What does it take to port a Construct game to Mac and Linux?
    Bubble Raptor: Cool, thx!
    I3enG: Can we ask about the progression of development? What part of the game needs more work etc. and on what part of it will you work next?
    Duncan [CSH]: I used klik & play in elementary school, which is an early (even more primitive) version
    Robit Studios: im not a traditional programmer - i taught myself how to do all this
    Robit Studios: thats why im not building my own engine in c++ or anything
    Bubble Raptor: Ok.
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Also how long do you plan on leaving the kickstarter up?
    Frikomid: Ufff, that's 2difficult4me; i wouldn't be able to do that by myself xd that's really an impressive think
    Bubble Raptor: I'm a C++ dev myself
    Bubble Raptor: I've been messing around with SDL
    Bubble Raptor: but I don't have much game programming background
    Duncan [CSH]: SDL is pretty cool
    Bubble Raptor: mostly web development and desktop applications
    Duncan [CSH]: I can reccomend allegro
    Robit Studios: nice - yeah honestly when i get this game released im going to take like 6 months off and just study programming
    Bubble Raptor: One last related question
    Robit Studios: i would love to be able to build my own engine
    Bubble Raptor: Is it easy to move from Construct classic to Construct 2?
    Bubble Raptor: As to support Mac/Linux in the future
    Robit Studios: you can't like just export/import the entire game over but it would be fairly easy to convert- and its something iv thought about
    Robit Studios: but it'd be after i release this build
    Bubble Raptor: sure
    Robit Studios: the reason i didnt use C2 from the start was because it was still too earlty in development when i started
    Robit Studios: if i had to start over now i would probably use it
    Robit Studios: progress - this is always a hard thing i estimate for me - BUT i can tell you that just about all of the engine coding is finished
    Robit Studios: that means - all the mechanics that make the game work
    Duncan [CSH]: Wow, great progress
    Robit Studios: about 1/5 of the levels are mostly done - but adding new levels is fairly easy since im just replicating them
    Duncan [CSH]: I assume that if you did early access, people would get to see new islands getting built, mostly.
    Frikomid: awww, great 8D
    Robit Studios: there's still a lot left to do though - all but 1 of the bosses need to be coded
    lavalanche: Hi all : ) I loved TAG ... obviously. Will there be some added level of interactivity within the purchasable player's house/island in TAW? thanks
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: So based on what youve said if you and the team decide to do early access early access would come out fairly soon?
    Robit Studios: i think we could get it out by the end of the year- BUT our next goal is actually Nov 1 - because we are planning on releasing a public demo
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: ah very nice
    Robit Studios: as another way to get people interested
    Frikomid: to get the hype higher
    Robit Studios: we're going to make it a fairly big demo too
    Duncan [CSH]: I think the public demo really helped OwlBoy
    Robit Studios: and once that is done i think we can get a beta out to the backers - if we decide to go that way
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Sweet
    Robit Studios: we're planning on leaving our pre-order campaign up until the day we release the game
    Frikomid: about the pre-order... i need to ask something
    Robit Studios: sure
    Frikomid: To pre-order the game you can only use Pay-Pal and credit card; but I can't use them (Parents don't agree) so, could you make us to be able tyo pay it with PaySafeCard?
    Nithil: Are you making any changes to the beginning of the game to increase the pacing? I know that, at least for me, the beginning was a little slow, especially with going back and forth between islands.
    ????a??11????? left chat.
    Frikomid: PaySafeCard it's a pay sistem that only need the people to go the de mail office and pay the money they want, so they get a code to reedem/redeem in an online-thing
    Frikomid: at least, it works in Spain ._.
    Robit Studios: Frikomid - unfortuantely our payment processor (humble-bundle) only supports pay-pal, google wallet and amazon - I can ask them about it though
    Robit Studios: i need to email them anyway - i'll ask
    Frikomid: ok :3 Thanks!
    Robit Studios: Nithil - YES! YES YES
    Robit Studios: that was one of my biggest regrets
    Duncan [CSH]: Did a lot of people have problems with the pace? That actually surprises me! Well, minus the cutscene, which was pretty long
    Robit Studios: everytime ive watched someone do a lets play im embarresed by how their entine first episode is just them getting through that intro
    Duncan [CSH]: Hahaha
    lavalanche: ha : )
    Robit Studios: so yeah i have a plan to stream-line it for sure
    Robit Studios: but not lose all the backstory
    Robit Studios: im going to still have the segment where you play in sepia as a little kid
    Robit Studios: and im probbaly going to flesh that out a little bit - to help present some of the gameplay stuff
    Nithil: Maybe you can split up the longer cut scenes instead of having it all at once?
    I3enG: are you planning on adding new minigames like the one in the big city? (aside from fishing)
    Robit Studios: yeah exactly - we'll rearrange some stuff and make it so you're actually in playing the game a lot quicker
    Duncan [CSH]: I am wondering the same thing as 13enG.
    Robit Studios: yes! there will be more minigames - originally i wanted to have 3 unique mini-games that you could unlock in the city
    Robit Studios: but i wanted to finish the game eventually so i cut two of them out
    Robit Studios: but this time around I plan on having a couple more
    Robit Studios: i was thinking it would be cool if the mini-games had the graphics from the original game

    777eza: :D
    I3enG: +
    Duncan [CSH]: Wow, interesting idea
    777eza: i got a question for you Stephen what is your favorite video game right now not including TAW?
    lavalanche: that would be sweet
    Robit Studios: good response for that :)
    Robit Studios: nice
    Robit Studios: well i have trouble picking favorites
    Robit Studios: but right now im playing a lot of Spelunky and Delver on steam
    Robit Studios: and on Ouya ive been playing Mother 3 on the GBA emulator
    Nithil: I have a suggestion: Make sure players know about the portal magic. I literally played through the whole game without ever realizing how to activate them. I kept wondering about those spirals, but I figured that I would find out what they were eventaully. When I had beaten the game I finally went and looked at an LP and saw how to use it. That would've been really useful to know, but I never thought of using the bottle on them...
    Duncan [CSH]: @Nithil, maybe something as simple as a villager talking about it. I figured it out when I played it, but I don't remember how
    lavalanche: ..but but but.. the old woman in the library gives you a cryptic hint : P :D
    Robit Studios: Nithil - i know other people had that issue too - BUT ive also heard people say that they loved it when they discovered that on their own -
    Duncan [CSH]: @lavalanche, well that's probably how I figured it out
    Nithil: What was the hint?
    Robit Studios: haha yeah there was at least 1 hint n there somewhere
    Robit Studios: but it might also depend on the time of day you talk to her
    Robit Studios: it was pretty cryptic
    I3enG: I usually talk to every npc in a game so I figured it out somehow
    lavalanche: something about other dimensions, if only there was something to power them.
    Robit Studios: haha well this time i might make a clue but i still want to keep it mysterious
    Nithil: I can understand that it would be great to find out on your own, but it would've been really useful later in the game when I was searching for stuff. Having to cross the whole world on the boat, and having to climb over some of the islands took a very long time
    Robit Studios: thats something i feel is missing from games today
    Duncan [CSH]: I'm OK with it being cryptic, seeing how it's such a huge advantage to get it
    Robit Studios: i cant play the new zelda games at all
    Nithil: Oh yeah
    Robit Studios: i wish i could
    Duncan [CSH]: Same with me
    Robit Studios: i wanted to love skyward sword
    lavalanche: I loved the hours of sailing in windwaker and pirates!
    Duncan [CSH]: I put down skyward sword halfway through
    Nithil: I figured that once I had gotten all those collectible thingies (i forget what they're called) then that's when I'd be able to use the spirals...
    Robit Studios: but ever puzzle was ruined by that robor girl
    King K. Roop: Question that just crossed my mind: I remember the computer boss in the Globocorp area seeming a tad bit frustrating with the later minigame parts getting hectic, and the skeleton in the mausaleum being a little tedious due to opportunities to attack taking a while to present themselves. Dunno if it's just me who had that problem, but are those things going to be changed with the remake?
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Wind waker is my favorite zelda ever
    777eza: windwaker was my favorite zelda and whoa picking up a bit
    Duncan [CSH]: My personal favorite is Majora, but I love zelda 1 and winwaker a ton
    Frikomid: WIll you change the part of the game where the main character ""travels"" to a nightmare where he ¿eats? the mushroom in the caves? It was a bit disturbing (And difficult) [Hope not to be too annoying]
    Robit Studios: King - yes the bosses are definitely going to get tweaked - when i released TAG is really had very little play-testing and thats my fault
    Nithil: Maybe just adding in the word "magic" to the hint would make it work. Because then I would've thought of the bottle and tried it.
    Robit Studios: being a commercial title im going to make sure they get balanced better
    Duncan [CSH]: @Frikomid that was my favorite chapter!
    Nithil: I loved the mushroom caves
    Robit Studios: Frikomid - that scene will still be there but yeah it will probably be different too
    Nithil: I thought they were super creative and interseting
    Robit Studios: different always = better!
    Robit Studios: haha
    I3enG: I love that part
    Robit Studios: not always
    Robit Studios: yeah thats one of my fav. parts too
    Frikomid: Yes, it was a 10/10 in creativity, but, the last part, it was VERY difficult to get the heart; but the background... disturbing, but amazing
    Robit Studios: that whole mushroom cave
    lavalanche: TAG blew my mind multiple times, that was one of them
    King K. Roop: The mushroom cave is amazing.
    Robit Studios: awww
    Robit Studios: thanks
    Robit Studios: i love all of you
    Robit Studios: :)
    Duncan [CSH]: <3
    RioNiss: awwww
    Robit Studios: did i miss anyone questions?
    RioNiss: cute
    RioNiss: ;p
    Robit Studios: there was something about translations
    Frikomid: i think one about the translations D=
    Robit Studios: so - im going to make the game text external again - so fans can translate the game all they want -BUT i'd also like to have some official translations available form the beginning
    Robit Studios: but honestly, that takes money so it'll all depend on how the pre-order goes
    I3enG: will you add more content after the game is released? like that retro skin
    Robit Studios: but ive already had some fans offer to tranlate into polish and spanish i believe
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: l3enG thats a good question
    I3enG: oh stop it you~
    Robit Studios: yeah
    Robit Studios: sorry i was on skype for a second
    Robit Studios: yeah we're thinking abotu doing things like extra costuimes and stuff - we're also going to make that moddable so people can make their own
    Robit Studios: we probably wont do any micro-transaction stuff though
    Duncan [CSH]: Oh, that's awesome
    Robit Studios: im not a big fan
    King K. Roop: I've got another question. Do you have Steam Trading Cards planned?
    Duncan [CSH]: I like everything about that answer
    Robit Studios: i dont even know what the steam cards are all about
    Robit Studios: i keep getting them! what do i do with them!
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Me makin money from da steam market
    RioNiss: same
    Duncan [CSH]: You can sell 'em. There are other uses, but I don't really get it
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: I sell em on da market and buy emoticons
    777eza: there really a money grab in valves mega micro transaction empire
    lavalanche: I loved spending time in the TAG world, it was just a nice place to be, just like windwaker, or even FEZ for that matter. I know incorporating an "endless" or similar would be very difficult, but how about if like in windwaker, you could start your adventure again with a updated colour tunic or something, so you could finish the game multiple times on a single save..? thanks
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: or collect em all and make a badge and an emoticon and a wallpaper
    I3enG: you can get cool backgrounds and emote icons with them
    Duncan [CSH]: Haha, I like the newgame+ idea!
    Duncan [CSH]: A clasic adventure trope
    Robit Studios: ah i'll have to look into that - i'll make some steam cards - sure why not ?
    King K. Roop: It works like this. Each game has a set of cards. Half that number of cards can drop while you play the game. Getting a complete set and crafting them gives you an avatar, background, and a random coupon. You can do that with up to 5 sets of a game's cards. It might be good to have in Treasure Adventure World because, while it would mean more work, it might also mean more publicity.
    RioNiss: I bought Sleeping Dogs after sold all of my cards :p
    King K. Roop: Each game that participates, I should say. Not every single game on Steam has cards.
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Willl things like goal 5 and 6 be available when the whole game comes out?
    Robit Studios: yeah, that seems like a smart way to promote
    Robit Studios: i like the idea of doing a new game+
    Robit Studios: its not something currently planned though
    Frikomid: what about post-release updates?
    Robit Studios: thats just what i was thinking
    Robit Studios: im going to put it in my notes
    Gussver: Not having Steam cards would actually make the game sales take a slight hit. Highly suggest having them available day one.
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World: Ok well I have to go water and feed the chickens so talk to ya later
    lavalanche: bye Lucas
    Robit Studios: i actually should probably get going too
    King K. Roop: Aww.
    I3enG: not necessarily i think the STGC hype wagon passed
    Robit Studios: sorry i cant stay longer but i have STUFF to do
    /\/\r. Lucas Of Da World left chat.
    Duncan [CSH]: OK, thanks for answering questions and good luck on the game!
    King K. Roop: ^that
    lavalanche: Thanks very much for chatting. I can't wait for TAW!
    Robit Studios: :) i have to go to the post office actually
    I3enG: thanks for your time
    Robit Studios: and mail the skethces people bought
    Robit Studios: 2 people bought my sketches for $100
    Nithil: Thanks for answering our quesetions
    Robit Studios: that feels pretty good
    Duncan [CSH]: Wow, awesome
    RioNiss: nice
    lavalanche: Excellenté
    Frikomid: god bless this people xD
    Robit Studios: no problem! thanks for all of you coming!
    777eza: ya i think this Q&A did alright
    Robit Studios: and sorry for my horrible typing skills
    Duncan [CSH] left chat.
    King K. Roop: Not a problem. :p It's a casual setting.
    lavalanche: Remember to shoot your cannon behind you. you will get to the post office faster
    Robit Studios: we can do this again
    Robit Studios: just let me know
    Robit Studios: haha nice lavalanche
    777eza: will do thanks again for this group chat
    Robit Studios: sure thanks for setting it up man! you rock
    King K. Roop: You rock too.
    Robit Studios: cheers! talk to you all later
    Robit Studios left chat.
    Nithil left chat.
    lavalanche left chat.
    Frikomid left chat.
    RioNiss: bye guys
    RioNiss left chat.
    I3enG: bye
    777eza: bye
    Gussver left chat.
    I3enG left chat.
    King K. Roop: And suddenly, emptiness. :p
    777eza: lol​

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      Thanks for hosting the chat session! It was fun and I came away with some interesting ideas.
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        @777eza, Thanks so much for setting up the Treasure Adventure Universe Steam group! You are so awesome! :)
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          Another thanks from me 777, You sent me a friend request to the group, unfortunately I missed the Q&A, was there a notice because if so I must have missed it or else I would have totally been there.

          Thanks again!
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            Aw thanks guys
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              Thank you for posting this, I'm kinda late to the party. It was nice to read through all this, couple questions got answered! Now looking forward to the monthly chat sessions!
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                Glad I saw this, and glad Chucklefish made me aware of this game. I'll have to check out the original.

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