Tree Fertilizer and early access

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    I didn't chop any trees. Literally all I did was gather 1 foragable of each type, open the CC, donate the items, and then plant 11 seeds.

    That being said, if anyone wants to double-check the results, feel free.
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      • A. I rush foraging and recover a bit of early cash in the process by buying Salads on Spring 1 and repairing the Beach Bridge (400 total Wood) on Spring 2.
        • Does this delay my bait, violate batching, and ding my fishing hours? Of course it does.
        • Do I still get Fishing 5 on Spring 4 night? Not reliably, but possibly.
        • What do I lose?
          • 1) Early Cherry Bomb and Staircase recipes (I gave those up; I think rush-diving The Mines is a mistake, and I go relaxed to Floor 80 on Spring 26) and
          • 2) Probably an early backpack upgrade -> some flexibility in The Mines.
        • What do I gain? An easy dozen Oak Resin on Spring 19/20 (dozen tappers Spring 12/13) -> 60+ Oak Resin on Summer 12 (with only 20 trees and tappers; 12 (Sp19th) + 15 (Sp26) + 18 (Su5) + 21(Su12) = 66) plus Tidal Pools income and goodies.
      • B. My no-move-green-bar tests of the Training Rod indicate anybody can get Fishing proficiency, I think. And nobody hated fishing more or is a worse gamer than I am, I think. I like fishing now, but I'm still pretty terrible at it.
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