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  1. Hurricane

    Hurricane Phantasmal Quasar

    a tree that comes to life
    it looks like a normal tree but when it comes to life it's roots come out of the ground and turn to legs and two of it's branches turn to arms it can throw bark at you and it's weakness is fire (rare on volcanic worlds)
    Florans ride them as war mounts if your a floran, it will ignore you unless you ride it
    when riding it left click is melee right is bark throw if you click on it you enter/exit it
    if you happen to be under a treeton it's roots will attack you, if in range
    By the way...axe is the best weapon against it
    when killed it has a 47% chance of droping Treeton seeds, no matter what race you are if you plant it the treeton wont attack you and you can ride it and tell it what to and what not to attack
    as floran,to make sure your friends are not attacked by treetons put the sap of your home tree on them
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  2. iownamilkbone

    iownamilkbone Gotta Catch 'em All! Mk.2

    This idea is splendid. You have its weaknesses and have added an upside for playing as a floran.

    I can imagine it would be difficult to have the roots attack the player though. Also, if you play online as a floran with your buddy as a robot, would it attack the robot after the floran stops riding it? Could you plant near your base so next time you go to the planet you have a "vehicle" (something to ride)?.
    Suggestion: Anyone can ride it, but florans can get seeds from them to plant another for later or another planet. (whenever needed)

    Just some things to ponder or refine to make your mob better.
  3. Hurricane

    Hurricane Phantasmal Quasar

    the roots attack like the jungle thing from terraria, and thanks for the suggestions! i added it's drop it now fas a 47% chance of droping treeton seeds! if planted the planter is it's allie, you can tell it what to and what not to attack
  4. Hurricane

    Hurricane Phantasmal Quasar

    oh and the treeton roots into the ground whenever exited (if it is attacked it will kill it then re-root)
  5. Bolt

    Bolt Cosmic Narwhal

    Very nice idea.
  6. Vincey

    Vincey Big Damn Hero

    Simple and great! Do they always have the same height or does it vary like normal trees? Also, would they always look the same or would they would look like the other trees around them? If so, is there any way to recognize a tree-ton before it charges at you?
  7. Hurricane

    Hurricane Phantasmal Quasar

    well one way is a root or two coming out of the ground and yes same as nearby trees and height varys
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  8. Hurricane

    Hurricane Phantasmal Quasar

    well this thread... is dead
  9. Stalkish Cockatiel

    Stalkish Cockatiel Existential Complex

    Yeah, enough said. Hehe
  10. Hurricane

    Hurricane Phantasmal Quasar

    what movie is this from.....
  11. Mmm... Harry Potter?:rolleyes:

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