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Should Tribmens be a race?

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  1. lilpeter101

    lilpeter101 Star Wrangler

    Again, Tctoocold's template.

    Tribmens originally were on a rather peaceful planet. Soon, one day, a spaceman came to visit. They tried to please the spaceman, but the spaceman wasn't pleased. Instead, the spaceman got angered, and threatened to destroy them all. They were all so afraid, they asked the Elder Tribman to help them. The Elder Tribman said that he will be able to send them all to different planets, where they cannot be found. They thought about it, and knew that they would be seperated. Nonetheless, they knew their survival was more important. They were all sent away by the Elder Tribman to different planets, and since they populated the ENTIRE planet they were on, (it was rather large) some Tribmens appeared on the same planet. Thus, their population continues. "How are there so many Tribmens?" you ask. Well, there is one female Tribwoman, you can figure out the rest. ;)

    They drop old primitive weapons that will be of no use, but are magical and can be put in a kind of, extractor to extract it of it's magic.

    They appear on almost any planet that any human unmodified could live on. They need a food source such as water to catch fish, and a fresh water source such as a pond or lake. Under abnormal circumstances, they can live near many plants because they can grind out the water that plants absorb, and eat dried plants.

    Spawn Rate/Spawning Conditions
    They appear in a village, and there is one village per habitable planet. They appear first in a group of 5-10 people, and then as they go along, more and more villagers arrive.
    (numbers are suggesting that normal player hp is 100)
    Health: 50
    Mana: 0
    Energy: What is energy?
    Armor: 5 (suggesting that armor takes away the damage that is dealt to them, I.E weapon deals 10 damage, mob takes 5.)

    It walks, obviously, it's a humanoid lol.

    There are many types of weapons that Tribmens wield. The type of weapon depends on where they live. If they live somewhere where stone is plentiful, they will develop stone spears, stone swords, and stone clubs. If they live somewhere where wood is plentiful, they will create bows, wooden staffs, and do magic. If they live somewhere where animals are plentiful, they will create bone spears, bone swords, and bone daggers.

    Wood = Fast, weak
    Stone = Balanced, not fast nor slow, not strong nor weak.
    Bone = Slow, strong
  2. lilpeter101

    lilpeter101 Star Wrangler

    The pictures glitched, here are the pictures.
    All the different colors.

    A comparison. (They are quite large)
  3. LuckyLizard

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    This looks like neat idea. I think it would be cool to be friends with a tribe at some point, like a side quest.
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  4. lilpeter101

    lilpeter101 Star Wrangler

    lol thx for the support, i'm pretty new to the forums, about 5 or 6 days.
  5. LuckyLizard

    LuckyLizard Void-Bound Voyager

    No problem. :) I Keep thinking of a mission where a tribe is swarmed by something and you help protect it.

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