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    Dynastes obsidias ("Obsidian Beetle")
    In the fiery environment of Goldoa, survival is key. Only the strongest survive, leaving the weak to extinction. Trinoceras are the largest terrestrial herbivores on the planet, thriving en masse thanks to their top-notch armor plating.

    Trinoceras are the natural rival to the Pyrosaurus Rex, the largest predator on Goldoa. When the creatures meet, they engage in a brutal battle to the death. Trinoceras in herds group together in rings, protecting their offspring in the center. Their horns are extended outward to ward off any threats with the fear of getting seriously injured. Once the potential threat is repelled, the ring disperses. Apart from P-Rex, Trinoceras have few enemies. Not many have the power to rip through a Trinoceras' obsidian plating. Even their hide is durable, capable of bouncing steel weaponry right off. Despite this admirable protection, Trinoceras aren't the smartest of creatures. An average Trinoceras' brain is the size of a walnut. Couple this with their trigger-happy temper, and you can see why few dare to attack any of these lumbering beasts.

    Grazing takes up the majority of this creature's usual routine when not under the threat of predators. Fire grass is consumed in massive amounts on a daily basis, along with other local flora. Entire fields of foliage can be cleared in a day by a single herd of Trinoceras. Once all the vegetation in an area is consumed, the beasts migrate in search of more.

    The commodities obtained from a Trinoceras are highly valued by Dragoknight blacksmiths. Armor forged from the beast's armor plating is of the highest quality, capable of withstanding many normally fatal blows. Their horns are of no less value, used in the craft of powerful blades and other weaponry. The body juices from beneath a Trinoceras' carapace are a perfect oil substitute, usable for both terrestrial vehicles and spaceships.

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    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    I can see this being a boss, but aren't all monsters randomly generated?
  3. Not all creatures are randomly generated. Its been stated (don't exactly remember where) that there's a few non-randomized monsters in the mix as well. One notable example is the Poptop.
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    How many suggestions have you made so far? So much awesomeness man... :cry:
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  5. Working on organizing a thread with all of them together. Should be up later. :p

    MEWMEW Existential Complex

    Eh, I guess. But still, it being a boss seems pretty cool. Maybe it could be the last of its race?
  7. Er... well, if it were the last of its race (or species, in this case), that'd kinda contradict its description. If anything, P-Rex makes a better candidate for a boss than this.

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    Aye, that's the magic of the edit button
  9. I'm not gonna edit that bit of lore to make it boss material. :/
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    The twist is, they're all bosses!!! dun dun dun
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    Suit yourself...*Dangles keys in front of you*
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    Man keep coming up with awesome Ideas like this and this game will be the best game ever released!! Ohh and Btw it already is the best game so far! :mwahaha: wwoot
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    They look like they should be able to roll into a ball for added protection.

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