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Discussion in 'Portraits' started by ChunMeigui, Nov 7, 2018.

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    Hi.....yea....um....I like stardew a lot, I'm also a manga artist. There isn't a lot of anime options, or not exactly completed ones. So I decided I would.....give it a shot I guess. But it helps having some encouragement I suppose. so, I'm starting with Sebastian. He was the first one I went for. so. here is the starting sketch.


    I probably should wait till I do more I suppose. but. I kind of a little excited and wanted to feel the waters first. I guess. I tend to draw on the feminine side. so. I probably doing a lot of tweaks and stuff, I don't really want to diverge to far from the original designs. Just more in my style.

    I will start with Sebastian, and if people really like it. I will go with who ever people call for the most next when I'm ready.
    • Sassydwarf

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      With that little teaser... Please PLEASE do this.. :nuruhype:
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        Please do its amazing *o*
        • ChunMeigui

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          I will revisit this eventually
          • ChunMeigui

            ChunMeigui Void-Bound Voyager

            So, I'm trying my hand at it again...I didn't like how he looked, so I tried again. just kind of did what I wanted. This is what I got so far. I just gotta make the rest of his portraits. yea....


            I think he looks a lot better from my first attempt, more refined to what I would like. Ya know
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