Mob Tunneling monsters to make late game more challening

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by dyndragon, Jan 31, 2014.

  1. dyndragon

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    Just some feedback--
    In the span of a few hours, it is really possible to just skip from threat level 6 to level 10 planets and the resulting weapon and armor tiers. This is because once you get on to the planet and start digging, you can just dig your way around monsters, and box them in with dirt where you don't want to.

    When you are underground, there needs to be some enemy types and bosses like "Destroyer of worlds" from Terraria, where they travel around in the background, as if they were tunneling through the ground. Or monsters that actually can dig and will start digging towards you.

    This would make digging in planets that you are not appropriately geared for much more difficult if not impossible, and even for properly geared characters, present a much more challenging late game.
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  2. ZestySpy

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    While this would make the game more interesting (From the LPs I've seen), it would require an extensive amount of code to make it work.... For example, if you are camping on the surface, one or more of these monsters could converge on you while making your escape, rendering the planet unplayable (Bringing these monsters to your beam down point.) Would the speed be the same as the players if digging through different types of rock?

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