Mob Tweak Lilodons so that they Float on Water

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by RogueYun, Jun 16, 2018.

  1. RogueYun

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    Lilodons: (What looks to be a cross between a Corgi and a Shark)

    Lilodons look aquatic and adorable and can be found on ocean worlds as well as others. When they jump out at me on ocean worlds and land in the water, I'm sorry to see them sink like bricks.

    They look aquatic and the walking animation looks like he is doggy paddling. It would be aesthetically pleasing (or just plain adorable) if they floated on the water and slowly paddled toward the player.

    It's a million dollar idea! Making something cute and adorable do cute and adorable things is bound to illicit some "Aw! It's so cute!" responses! Heck, someone is bound to make a little pond for his pet lilodon if it swam slowly on the surface :D
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  2. ManicRykker

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    Lilodons seem to be more based on the land shark concept. "Its ancestors used to live in the sea. It might look small, but it's got a big bite."

    Swimming on the surface of water sounds like a neat idea, but it would likely require new behavior. I don't believe there are any monsters in vanilla that are designed with that sort of mechanic, so it would probably take some tweaking for them to not only float in water, but actually swim. (Like being able to set a path in and out of it if they happen to fall in)
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  3. RogueYun

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    Excellent points. I guess it is probably not worth ALL the effort, but still a nice idea IMO.

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