Two Player Video Game, and Three Other Ideas That Are Not So Easy

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Which one do you like the most?

  1. 1. Video gaming with Abigail

  2. 2. Chest Plate Armor

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  3. 3. Abigail Adventuring Companion

  4. 4. Wizards Apprentice


  6. None of them... :(

  1. DagonDraconis

    DagonDraconis Void-Bound Voyager

    Okay, I have four ideas here, the first shouldn't be too hard, the second a bit difficult, however the third and fourth, probably would be pretty difficult.

    1. The 2 Heart Event with Abigail has you play Journey of the Prairie King at her place, yet after said event, you cannot play again with her. Why is that? I mean she sits in front of the TV and console and apparently plays the game, why can't you just walk up to her and have her ask you if you want to play? If YES then you both play, disable the end game reward due to it being a singleplayer only achievement. If NO she's alright with it and comments on how she still can't beat the first level.

    2. Torso Armor, I find it odd that you fight Void Shadows and Flying Dragon Lizards with only a sword, two rings, and a pair of boots for protection. Make tiered chest plate, wooden, copper, iron, steel, gold, and iridium. Each one gives more armor than the last. However, the better the armor, the more stamina detriment it gives. Wooden when worn has a 10% more stamina cost, if something takes 10 stamina, with the chest plate on, it's now 11 stamina. It increases with each chest plate. Iridium gives a whooping 100% increase, you're now a tank wearing it, but you get tired twice as fast. Or maybe even more if the devs think it should be different.

    3. Another with Abigail, she's always commenting on how she wants to go into the Mines and adventure, and when you marry her, she goes out by herself and kills bats and stuff. Why can't you join her? Or why can't she join you? It would be similar to when she played the game with you, but more expanded. Give her a inventory system, you can equip her with a better sword and some healing items and armor. Admittedly her AI for fighting and following would have to be built from scratch, including a good pathfinding system, and maybe have some sort of invisible circle around the main character that she tries to stay in while fighting any monsters that are in it. She would spawn on the same tile that you are on when you get to a new floor. When I first started playing Stardew Valley, and I found the Adventure Guild, I had hoped and hoped that you would have useful guildmates, I was really disappointed that upon entering the "Famous Adventuring Guild of Stardew Valley" it was only two old geezers living in a cabin.

    4. The Wizard's Apprentice... When I first heard(read) him saying that he was looking for a apprentice before he leaves the world, my face split in two. Then I looked up about how that didn't mean a thing... Please, Best Friends with Wizard = Apprenticeship. Because? Magic... Magic magic magic magic magic magic magic...

    Enough said.

    The working of that would be in rituals and alchemy to give yourself and other things buffs or enchantments.
    Like a ritual that give a 10%-20% chance that each crop can give you twice the output on the day of the ritual.
    Rituals that enchant armor or weapons, like Reflect on armor gives it a chance to bounce back projectiles and spells back at the enemy, or Reach to give your weapon 1 to 2 tiles of invisible extra reach.
    Temporary effect potions of Stone Skin that give you +3 armor, or Fleet Feet that gives you +30% running speed.
    And maybe a weekly teaching with the Wizard that takes 1 to 2 hours of the day via time skip with a bit of pre-dialogue. Each time you go you learn a random spell/ritual/potion recipe. When he has taught you all the normal stuff, you go on some small quests to collect stuff to create things that'll allow him to teach you a better tier of magic.

    Whew, that's a lot. I know, any one of them is difficult, and all of them would be Really Hard. But think, you've been on top of Steams Top 10 Most Bought since you released the game. These will definitely prolong that for a long time.
    If any one of these gets implemented, Thank You You So Much! You made this great game, even better.

    -Dagon Draconis

    EDIT: I think we should at least get a DLC for one of two of these.
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    • Saibara

      Saibara Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Yes, me and my friend thought about that wizard thing, also... give us MAGIC spells plox.
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      • DagonDraconis

        DagonDraconis Void-Bound Voyager

        I can't believe I'm doing this, but.
        I'm sorry.
        • GARRthePIRATE

          GARRthePIRATE Big Damn Hero

          1. I like your replayable event with abigail. It would be great as an addition to the game and totally fits the feel of experience CA has in the game already.
          2. Torso armor... eh. I love how the defense system is so simple as of now. Sure it may not be believable in a practical sense. But I love that I always get to see what my players wearing and don't have to feel like all my play throughs end up wearing the same stuff. Not to mention the combat/defense system seems to be the most balanced thing in the game already and I see no reason to allow the player to feel invincible in the vanilla game. Even with stamina balance I feel like it's an unnecessary addition to what already works so well.
          3. Abigail follower. Love this idea. Since CA is already planning 4 player mode this would serve as a wonderful alternative for those who don't like multilayer games such as myself.
          4. Wizards apprentice. You are not the only one disappointed to be lead on by the old guy. I initially read this idea in "you're a wizard/witch 'insert player name'" by iShizu29. The fact that it seems to be reoccurring tells me it would fit the game well. I also expanded on his idea in "Suggestion Compilation" with my own ideas for the mechanical workings of it. See Section IV.
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          • ChaosAzeroth

            ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

            Friend, I'm going to tell you I feel far from invincible in vanilla. Get swarmed even once and you start to question it. Get swarmed on a supposedly good luck day even more so. Add it being one of the times you don't start near the stairs and you learn really quick the mines have no chill.X3

            It could still be simple though really, I mean the boots give defense already so just basic small numbers would keep well within the spirit of the game I think.
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            • GARRthePIRATE

              GARRthePIRATE Big Damn Hero

              I agree that it is difficult but every other thing in the game is a give away. I love the difficulty of the mines and how I have to prep myself in skilled use of weapon and how to move around the caves to lure/time mob swarms. Not to mention in the last update the death penalty was dwarfed and the fact that you don't even lose any time after passing out. It's a really merciful death to begin with.

              Also, with the hopeful addition of magic that everyone seems to want I believe that magic could completely fill the needs you are hoping for in additional armor. Stacking those two mechanics would undoubtedly be OP.
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              • ChaosAzeroth

                ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

                My biggest mob problem is the eels cause there's no preparing for them I can find.
                But just wanted to input my feelings and why. Honestly though I've still had times it's take almost my entire inventory after being suddenly mobbed as soon as I went down a floor so sometimes it's still terrible. ((I'd rather loose my entire day and heck another and a bunch of money and stuff personally than all the perp I did espeically over something so much a pain in the butt beyond my control/despite my prep.))

                That's fair enough, fair enough.
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                • MagicallyClueless

                  MagicallyClueless Master Astronaut

                  It'd be nice to let Abby go to the mines, but I want to add that she is not the only person who actually goes to the mines! Some others do too, so it'd be nice to choose. Sebastian often brings me stuff from the mines and some of his dialogue implies that he explores it (not to mention some of his favorite items are mine-related) and I doubt he's the only other one, too. But it'd be nice if you could choose a partner to go down to the mines with you, rather than it being a buff for only one character of a perk for one spouse, etc. Maybe even including Marlon.

                  I don't think they should do very much though. Maybe they can help you kill monsters and serve as an extra inventory, but I don't think it should go further than that.

                  edit: I think it'd be cool for every spouse to accompany you to the mines, though. Monster-hunting date? Heck yeah.
                  • ChaosAzeroth

                    ChaosAzeroth Existential Complex

                    That could help deal with mobs true if they fight too.
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                    • Avarwen

                      Avarwen Pangalactic Porcupine

                      I think any of the villagers should be your companion they could each offer something different based on their personality. Marlon could fight,Harvey could heal, Abby could fight and heal but at half the rate of Marlon and Harvey ect..
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                      • DagonDraconis

                        DagonDraconis Void-Bound Voyager

                        Oh my god Replies! Thank you everyone!

                        Okay, ya maybe the Chest Armor would be OP a bit, maybe have it slow you down too? Be like a tank, but go nowhere fast.
                        You put it on when you need it, like a shield?
                        And they're planning a Multi update? Awesome, didn't know that. Thanks.

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