Mob Unable to make any progress due to birds and land mobs...

Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by KeiAsaki, Dec 11, 2013.

  1. KeiAsaki

    KeiAsaki Tentacle Wrangler

    There is something gravely wrong with the birds and land monsters. They are doing a disproportionate amount of damage to me, and I have a full copper set. I am being two shotted in most cases, without any ability to fight back. So far, I've lost ALL pixels accumulated last night before starting up today. Now I can't get anything done, as every time I step outside of my house, I'm immediately slaughtered by a swarm of hostile mobs.
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  2. Chamassanya

    Chamassanya Space Hobo

    At least you have a chance. I just started a new person no armor or anything just starter weapon. I'm greeted by a mini boss to my left after moving 1 screen width. Thinking its just a bad spawn i go right. Find an even harder mini boss. I cant even use the save because i'm murdered on spawn.
  3. Salius

    Salius Void-Bound Voyager

    I haven't been able to get past the 'Hunting Bow' quest. The very few times I managed to kill anything with that lousy bow, i never got a food item, pre-or post-patches. So, I either starve to death (and full disclosure: I am NOT a fan of lethal food scavenging systems), flying creatures insta-kill me from their safe spots in the sky, or big gorilla things kill me before I can even switch weapons. And KeiAsaki says that this happens to him in full armor!? The game balance for the start of the game needs some serious work, I'm afraid. For starters, if you insist on a lethal food system (I think Minecraft gets it just right myself with it's near-lethal system), weapons with the 'Hunter' prefix should ALWAYS drop food when used on an eligible creature. Food systems shouldn't feel like the developers went out of their way looking for ways to kill you, and you need to be sure that the player isn't spending so much time chasing around food, that they can't enjoy the GAME (Going to the bathroom in The Sims, anyone?).
  4. Badprenup

    Badprenup Ketchup Robot

    While I agree that it needs some work, I've been playing one character for about an hour now without a single death, without any kind of cheesing tactics. I haven't even upgraded my Hunting Bow or gotten armor or a new weapon yet.

    I'm thinking the balance issues right now are mostly unintentional.
  5. Salius

    Salius Void-Bound Voyager

    Well, it IS a Beta, so sure it's unintentional. Gotta bring up the issues we have trouble with though.

    I was really disappointed to find out that there was a food gathering system though. It's a personal peeve. :facepalm:
  6. YeBittenDog

    YeBittenDog Aquatic Astronaut

    I've seen quite a few videos online with people having the same problem. I'm sure these minor problems will be corrected and it's good that you made a post about it. The devs seem very atuned with the community.
  7. Zuvuya42

    Zuvuya42 Void-Bound Voyager

    I've been having the same issue - I progressed through the first few quests before yesterdays balance update at a consistent pace, one that was challenging but made the game accessible, but upon starting a new character today I've died at least a dozen times simply looking for iron ore, which seems almost entirely absent from the surface of the planet I'm on. Birds and land mobs on the early world absolutely need to be reduced in difficulty by a few notches: it's more realistic to die within a few seconds of being attacked by an alien monster on a new planet without any skills or armor, but it has made the game highly frustrating for me and I'm about to reroll a character until I find a planet with the proper balance of early resources and a safe place to homestead. In short, T1 monsters need some sort of damage scale that is dependent upon player gear, maybe an Item level variable ala WoW? I'm all about a challenge but not if it makes the game more frustrating to learn than fun to play.
  8. mysteriousfleas

    mysteriousfleas Space Hobo

    All I can say is be persistent.

    You will get to a point where you wish you had the challenge you had at the start of the game.

    I found a hammer that does more than 100 damage.

    Now I just walk around going *WHOMP* *WHOMP* I feel like Sauron from Lord of the Rings.

    Make yourself a bed, make some bandages, and take it a bit at a time. Before you know it you'll be hacking enemies down you didn't think you could before.
  9. Badprenup

    Badprenup Ketchup Robot

    Perhaps it would be more useful to list more information. I'm under the assumption that this is largely based on attack type, as I have seen most melee attacks do a fair amount of damage (35 maximum), but ranged attacks seem to do a minimum of 35 and upwards of 60 on an unarmored character. So making some test characters and seeing how much each attack hits you for without armor could be beneficial.
  10. matt1550

    matt1550 Space Spelunker

    I'm on first planet, have all silver armor, steel bow, and the birds are giving me the most issue. They chase you the farthest of any creature. I'm still taking 60 something damage from one of the birds that shoots the purple/pink explosive. I can understand if this were a higher difficulty planet but for the first planet this is to much.
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  11. moontaker

    moontaker Void-Bound Voyager

    ive got a full copper set going on and i moved to another lvl 1 planet to scour for materials and nearly IMMEDIATELY was one-hit ko'd by a monster shooting a got-dang energy beam that took 50 damage from me. what the hell.
  12. Salius

    Salius Void-Bound Voyager

    Whew. Haven't been on here in awhile, but finally scrapped through to the point of obtaining iron armor and defeating the first boss. Those flying creatures are still bothersome, but less so, especially when one realizes that all-out avoidance is probably the best idea until one has some decent gear.

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