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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Ludichaton, Mar 16, 2016.

  1. Ludichaton

    Ludichaton Phantasmal Quasar

    Hi ! So, this is a mod that basically changes the character's portraits to make the characters of Undertale. For Now, there is only Toriel (Jodi), Asgore (Governor) and Asriel (Vincent). I want to put at least all major Undertale characters.

    So, Chara will be Jas. So, these are King FluffyBuns, Goat Mom, and, the inevitable Goat Cinnabun. Asgore.png Toriel.png Asriel.png Jas.png
    If any of you has suggestions on who should be who (i'll accept any suggestion even for less important characters).
    If you wish to help with the overworld sprite, then you can too.
    Thanks for reading ! In case the file doesn't work, link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/fzxbaw7ox7dhy94/UndertalePortraits.zip

    Edit 1 : Added Chara ! The original Goat Family is completed !

    Thanksies !

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    • keyten

      keyten Cosmic Narwhal

      Wowie, another person doing Undertale related stuff. I am actually planning add all of them as custom Npcs with original undertale sprites but this looks cool too.

      Abigail is Undyne of course. Shane is Burgerpants. Morris is Mettaton.
      • Ludichaton

        Ludichaton Phantasmal Quasar

        Good idea ! I'll check your mod out, too !
        • R4dzki

          R4dzki Lucky Number 13

          plz add sans as someone :V
          • Ludichaton

            Ludichaton Phantasmal Quasar

            I had some problems with my art logicial, but i'll be able to try to go back to work !
            • Marquess

              Marquess Poptop Tamer

              Oh god yes, I need to give Sans presents twice a week for the rest of forever. Papyrus too.

              If Abigail is Undyne, the person Abby normally dances with is Sebastian, but I don't think he's a good fit for Alphys... Maru seems like a better fit for her, I think

              Alex could be Papyrus, but he seems a little mean for that, maybe Sam instead?

              It would be cool if Lewis were Gerson, I think

              If Jodi is Toriel, it would make sense for Kent to be Sans, relationship-wise, but not really personality-wise. Iunno, I think Marnie make a better Toriel, which opens up the possibility of Sans as Lewis, which I kind of like.

              OMG, IDEA: Pierre and Caroline as Dogamy and Dogaressa

              Hmm... Temmie as Emily? Temmily?

              Gus as Grillby, obvs

              Sandy as Muffet?

              • Marquess

                Marquess Poptop Tamer

                If anyone is interested this is what I've got so far, feel free to tell me how wrong I am and suggest different subsitutions:

                Alex > Papyrus
                Elliot > Aaron
                Harvey > Nice Cream Guy
                Sam > Lesser Dog
                Sebastian > ???
                Abigail > Undyne
                Haley > Bratty
                Leah > Shyren
                Maru > Alphys
                Penny > ???
                Caroline > Dogaressa
                Clint > Greater Dog
                Demetrius > ???
                Dwarf > Dr. W. D. Gaster
                Emily > Catty
                Evelyn > ???
                George > Elder Puzzler
                Gus > Grillby
                Jas > Chara
                Jodi > Snowdin Shopkeeper
                Kent > Rabbit Kid ???
                Krobus > Napstablook
                Lewis > Sans
                Linus > Snowdrake ???
                Marnie > Toriel
                Pam > River Person ???
                Pierre > Dogamy
                Robin > Temmie
                Sandy > Muffet
                Shane > Burgerpants
                Vincent > Asriel
                Willy > ???
                Wizard > Madjick
                Bouncer > ???
                Gil > ???
                Governor > Asgore
                Grandpa > ???
                Gunther > ???
                Marlon > Gerson
                Morris > Mettaton
                Mr. Qi > ???
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                • tj724

                  tj724 Guest

                  I know it's a minor character but the river man/woman that offers you a boat ride could be easily made into the Dwarf.I am not a fan of that creepy W.D Gaster at all.Mr.Qi another disliked character could be him.Alex seems more like Aaron.Willy could be replaced by Undyne running that "fish shop" but her "dykeness" is more like Abigail.I do love this modding idea!
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                  • Marquess

                    Marquess Poptop Tamer

                    I kind of liked River Person as Pam because she's the bus driver, and Gaster as the Dwarf because you can't understand either at first (Gaster until you learn wingdings irl, dwarf until you collect the Dwarf scrolls), but I can see that working. I definitely want Papyrus included, it's just so tough finding a character for him! Maybe he can be Sam instead of LD?

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                    • tj724

                      tj724 Guest

                      I see what you mean there.Well I love the Undertale characters you included in the list and seeing all of them in the game would be wonderful.It would be even better if it was something like a crossover between the two,( after the true pacifist route ending when all of the monsters come to the surface they arrive in Pelican Town ). Probably impossible to create but that would be truly amazing! Hmm I forgot about the Mad Dummy.
                      • Marquess

                        Marquess Poptop Tamer

                        That's basically exactly what I'd like. It shouldn't take any skills I don't already have, but it will take time and effort. Not impossible, just might take a while

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                        • tj724

                          tj724 Guest

                          I love it! This has got to be one of the best ideas,I have seen yet.I will be one of the first to grab that mod! :)
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