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Would it be a good boos, or mob?

  1. Boss

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  2. Mob

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  3. Neither

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  1. Ploopy911

    Ploopy911 Void-Bound Voyager

    I am a bad artist, but it would look like a giant anglerfish, meant to scare the poo out of players. the same abilitys as a regular anglerfish, but as big as an island, except underwater. It's is found on high difficulty planets, way under the sea.
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  2. Zoidberg

    Zoidberg Aquatic Astronaut

    What are the abilities of a regular anglerfish. My real life experience has not involved anglerfish at this point, Im more into wrestling aligators.
  3. Bobot The Robot

    Bobot The Robot Space Spelunker Sums it up pretty good. LOL. So for the boss, you could have it have other parts dangling from it from past heros that have tried to kill it.
  4. Zoidberg

    Zoidberg Aquatic Astronaut

    Oh my lord, the comic was hilarious. So all in all, the fight involves targeting the "weak spots" of the female angler, which any guy would agree, is the testicles, which she just so happens to have an abundance of. Every pair of testicles you eliminate, she gets angrier and angrier, not being defeated until her final bit of manhood is eliminated.
  5. Ploopy911

    Ploopy911 Void-Bound Voyager

    I meant to say boss, not boos, i was typing on my ipod touch. lol
  6. Ploopy911

    Ploopy911 Void-Bound Voyager

    maybe a bit too inapropriate
  7. Ploopy911

    Ploopy911 Void-Bound Voyager

    well, luring you with a light, maybe in the shape of a pixel (money) or something that would attract players, and eat them for a few seconds, then letting you go, after all, it is meant to scare them, and hurt them, but one bad thing and its weakness[other than the eyes] would be that it is not very fast, it being the size of a small island.

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