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Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by True Freak, Feb 6, 2019.

  1. True Freak

    True Freak Master Chief

    Would be great if you could undo your last action. Might require a confirmation before ending your turn.
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    • HairyBeast

      HairyBeast Poptop Tamer

      Last action or last move?
      • True Freak

        True Freak Master Chief

        I would say the last activation of a unit. So selecting the unit, moving it, and selecting an action.

        I'd also be happy with a restart turn type option.
        • Beesafree

          Beesafree Void-Bound Voyager

          I think this is super needed, just the last used unit, after you use the next unit the previous unit's actions are set in stone
          • aiscool

            aiscool Poptop Tamer

            There's a damage randomizer when attacking, so while I think this would be a great improvement, it could only be used for non-combat actions.
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            • Troccaz

              Troccaz Space Hobo

              As aiscool said, with the bit of luck in battle, it could be too advantageous to redo some actions. So I don't know. The "restart turn" will be too strong imo.
              • True Freak

                True Freak Master Chief

                The main things I would like to be able to undo is moving a unit to the wrong square or accidentally select "wait". Pretty easy to do either of those with Switch handheld. I understand the concerns with combat. Maybe only allow the undo in single player games?

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