Mob Unique mobs can pinn down tele-points.

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    I've been enjoying trying out the Beta for the first part and seeing if there is something I can contribute to the first stage of this testing.

    The one thing that has bothered me more then anything else is how those big mobs with the glowy red pixels floating off of them (I presume they are just known as uniques) are capable of spawning close, if not right on top of the teleportation point, which is not a problem for a player with more advanced armor maybe, but it makes it virtually impossible for a fresh character to even explore the planet with such mobs attacking them with swift speed and incredible amounts of damage.

    I was virtually pinned in my ship as with my latest character, teleporting down meant getting hit immediately for 100 points of damage, and soon killed afterwards. I was forced to lure the monster to the right , barely, and consequently dying. After that, when I respawned and teleported down, I quickly walled off to the right of the Tele-point in order to wall off the creature.

    Needless to say this was an aggravating experience.

    I would like to suggest either three options to balance this out:

    A: Unique mobs do not even generate in the world until a certain quest has been passed, such as the stone forge tutorial quest, since at that point a player very likely has a home built, and not long after can produce good armor or weapons to fend off such creatures.

    B: Unique mobs cannot spawn within 300 pixels of the tele-point. This is a more rounded solution as it helps players deal with any planet as well as the first, so that players going to a slightly tougher world can survive the starting tele-point so that they can build a safe haven to vacate to to avoid uniques.

    C: This option I think can serve best mixed with either option A or B, but it may help well enough by it's own; Program uniques so that they run away from the tele-point after several seconds with the player in their ship, or at least be discreetly teleported/spawned 300-400 pixels away in either direction.

    I hope these options give good ideas for making a solution even if the devs do not want to use them to the letter.

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