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WIP Universal Currency

Discussion in 'Mechanics' started by Etgfrog, Dec 9, 2013.

  1. Etgfrog

    Etgfrog Master Chief

    So I finished most of the content in the game by friday and I felt there was something large lacking in the game. Pixels were suppose to be this grand currency since it could be turned into anything else, but it cant be used for anything other than recreating decorations.

    This mod changes that, when you pick up a basic item it will give you a blueprint to recreate it. This applies to dirt, ores, almost anything you can pick up with a pickaxe. Also almost anything can be thrown into the refinery for pixels. I haven't gotten to everything just yet and this to me is acceptable enough since it doesn't give a bunch of generic object. Which is a bit of warning, my first test of this turned EVERYTHING that wasn't a tool, armor or weapon into a generic object.

    I also included the ability to find a broken 3d printer in a wreck but its iffy its actually there as in my tests I haven't been able to find the site yet to make sure it spawned properly.

    Instructions: right click the attached file and click save link as to download the zip file, then unzip this into the starbound folder and let it replace all the objects.

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  2. sjheiss

    sjheiss Tentacle Wrangler

    Let me get this straight... 5 blocks -> 1 pixel, 40 pixels -> 1 block. So it takes 200 (40 pixels x 5 blocks per pixel) blocks to get enough pixels to make one single block?
  3. Etgfrog

    Etgfrog Master Chief

    Thats why its a work in progress, I would like some feedback as to what would be an good price for blocks, I suspect I'll go for 1-5 pixels for basic building blocks, 10 for unrefined wood. 40 is just a safety net if I forget something.
  4. Deon

    Deon Void-Bound Voyager

    What is the point in having a broken 3d printer somewhere in a wreck? I am pretty sure you can already find it on your starting ship!
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  5. Etgfrog

    Etgfrog Master Chief

    It does work with the onboard 3d printer, the one found in a wreck is just something extra thrown out there because the one onboard the ship is fixed there.

    I originally was planning onto that the one found doesn't have the safety protocals that the onboard one does, but it is still being worked on and I cant fully confirm if its spawning or not.
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  6. Etgfrog

    Etgfrog Master Chief

    Updated this, made the first balance pass over the prices and the amount you get from refining things. Currently everything follows a 5 to 1 ratio and so far it doesn't look like there are any infinite pixel loopholes...there might be one regarding food merchants selling slow growing food at the same price as fast growing ones. Everything is set based on either how long it takes to grow the object or based off of its block hp, this means that you would get 3 pixels for every 5 dirt blocks and 8 pixels for every 5 cobblestone. In regards to printing them for example its 3 pixels to create 1 dirt block. The farm-able items are set to its grow time, for example pineapples take a long time to grow so it will give you 13 pixels for 1.
  7. Deon

    Deon Void-Bound Voyager

    Sorry, it was supposed a be a joke about how we are not able to print seeds after we scan them in the latest update :D.

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