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  1. sibelabmom

    sibelabmom Space Hobo

    There are areas where I can see fruits that you can normally pick up, such as in the desert, but they're in areas I can't get to. Do those areas eventually open up, or do they just remain closed? In the desert, there's an elevated area near the store, to the right of the dinosaur bones, where there's a cactus fruit. If there's a way to get up there, I haven't found it. There are a couple of other areas that are inaccessible, and I'm a couple of years in.
    • WilliamZ

      WilliamZ Phantasmal Quasar

      Unless that you glitch the game there is no way, sometimes foraging also appear near of the little garden behind Clint's house as well.
      Talking about inaccessible areas, one of the most know curiosity of the game is that NPCs unreachable during festivals have a new scripted dialogue.
      • Madeliene Madness

        Madeliene Madness Space Spelunker

        The Wizard's a good example of this. Himself and Linus being out of range at Spirit's Eve, and Rasmodius himself being out of grab additionally at the Ice Festival and Flower Dance, and saying "You shouldn't be up here" if you warp up to him at the Flower Dance with mods.
        • MaloHD

          MaloHD Intergalactic Tourist

          The cactus fruit in the desert, I believe its decoration because it is always there even when the foragables reset on Sundays
          • Zosa

            Zosa Cosmic Narwhal

            some of that is just decoration. it is unclickable, sorry
            • sibelabmom

              sibelabmom Space Hobo

              Well, darn. I was hoping that I hadn't opened up everything yet!

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