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  1. plootydooty

    plootydooty Void-Bound Voyager

    I’ve never posted anything before so here we go!! Ok so I haven’t been seeing many wild ideas for the new updates , I mean most are concerning kids growing up and marriage and dogs doing things and basic buildings & all that jazz, which is cool but what if there were new areas/places you could travel/has anyone played my sims kingdom?? Sounds hella lame but when you travel on that dudes pirate ship and discover a whole new community & also the snow fields ??? Man it’s cool, like finding the desert is so so neat and people talking about the city in stardew valley, very cool. I have no idea why but pirate stuff would be neat even though I don’t even like pirates but (I don’t think anyone’s gunna see this that’s why I’m rambling on) if anyone played that pirate poptropica world (jesus I’m lame) as a kid & trading spices & all that , it was soooo damn fuuuun. Also very aware this would take a fk load of effort n such compared to making new people to marry or whatever lame stuff but yeah that’s that ok cool thanks for reading

    ps isn’t there mentions of another island or something to do with a ship or something , a lil adventure quest with Willy would be amazing
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    • 》Lasercats《

      》Lasercats《 Intergalactic Tourist

      I wrote this idea in another post which i think is pretty cool but sadly has nothing to do with pirates. After Grampa's shrine reaches 4 candles, it opens up to a large plot of land with a building containing a possible new animal.
      • 》Lasercats《

        》Lasercats《 Intergalactic Tourist

        After seeing your idea, maybe this animal could be a fish, or even better a pirate fish to swim to other islands

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