Modding Help Updating mods for Stardew Valley 1.4

Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    I downloaded this the other day and it works great except some things are cheaper in higher quality. For example I make a lot of pumpkin juice which I sell for 1008g, with this I can now sell gold quality pumpkin juice for only 672g...
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      CF Automate and by extension CFR updated to fix broken Automate bridge here.
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        Thank you so much!
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          @linaminyard I'd like a parsed SMAPI log, please! This may be a mod conflict.
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            (The Quality Artisan Products bug mentioned earlier on the page turned out to be a Producer Framework Mod bug and is now fixed)
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              Sorry for the silly question. :( So does this mean I get the quality artisan product mod from here:
              or should i use this one:, since smapi log links that mod to QAP?

              Although I do hope quality products gets an update as well. I'm going to miss the colored meads
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                Oh what the heck why does it link to Custom Producer Mod, it shouldn't be doing that

                The coloured meads thing, if PFM ever gets an update that lets me have FlowerName meads instead of just Honey Mead, then you can get your coloured meads back with BAGI

                ETA: Get the actual Quality Artisan Products mod and Producer Framework Mod if you don't have it, Custom Producer Mod is just a template for modders.
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                    Thanks for the clarification :) I was confused as to why it was linking to that mod as well
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                      Here's an update to Mega Storage to fix some incompatibilities noted on the Mod Page.

                      Changed since 1.3-official:

                        • Implemented IAutomationFactory and IContainer for Automate support.
                        • Implemented ISaveAnywhere so that game won't crash on save (still minor issues noted below).
                        • Added config option to disable Categories in the Magic Chest.
                        • While Convenient Chests is loaded, Categories are disabled by default (to remove overlapping UI).
                      Note - When Save Anywhere saves, Large/Magic Chests are temporarily converted to regular chests. If you return to title and load they'll convert back into their correct chest type.


                      Update now officially supported on Nexus!

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                        Underdark Sewer updated again here, fixes some tile errors.
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                          Closed source mods are considered proprietary software - we cannot modify or redistribute them.
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                            Anyone know how to get the Deluxe Auto Grabber working in Sheds? I was dumb and spent a couple hours setting up a bunch of full sheds with crops and now they're just sitting there.
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                              I don't want to insist much but... can't the "Teh's Fishing Overhaul" mod be updated?
                              In nexusmods I have seen that the last time the creator of the mod (TehPers) was connected was on February 8, so he is still alive but without giving us any information.
                              Knowing that it's open-source, how is it possible that no one could update it? As he said, he is very busy, so I don't know if his permission is needed to get an unofficial update, but it has been two months since he said that "soon" we would have the update, so I don't understand the reason for reject any unofficial update (if the creator's permission is needed).
                              Finally, don't take it badly, I know that the creator is very busy, that's why if someone makes an unofficial update, he could be calmer.
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                                So, my version of Steam Stardew is 1.4.4, but SMAPI keeps saying that I am running 1.3.6. Am I doing something wrong for it to say that? I followed the instructions on the Read Me as closely as I was able and the install help on the wiki. I don't know what I am doing wrong. Please, help.

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