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Discussion in 'Mods' started by Pathoschild, Jul 2, 2019.

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    I don't have this issue, so i don't know what exactly happened. but did you try to move all your others mod to somewhere and leave this mod alone?
    maybe it's incompatible with some mod or can you give me smapi logs? sorry for late reply
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      @KairoTurro Please go to, follow the instructions on that page and bring back a link to your parsed log - it will help greatly in finding the problem.
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        Can bwdyworks and Polygamy please be updated? They havent been updated for almost a year and I was looking forward to having a ridiculous harem playthru with anime portraits. Just livin the dream. (I like to play more seriously usually but sometimes I just want to screw around)
        Currently both are listed as outdated on but I went ahead and installed them and this is the only error it threw out before just ignoring them.

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          Finally finished this, everything is labeled under "Spooky" to make it easy to find.

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            Yay thank you so much again for taking the time to do this!

            Edit: lol I just read the descriptions for some of these :rofl: Good job!
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              Here's an unofficial update of Elven Krobus for 1.4. :)
              This requires Standardized Krobus! Otherwise, the sprites will be glitchy.
              This includes all of the sprites and variants updated to feature his new look and the dialogue updated to use some of his expressions. I'm also including a version of Krobus' spouse/roommate room that uses the Underdark Sewers look.

              - The winter quest thingy to get the secret notes may be buggy.
              - Didn't test his 14 event, so sprites may look weird.

              Update April 26th, 2020:
              Had reports the questions dialogue wasn't working. I'm not really experienced with them, so I just removed and replaced with normal dialogue.

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                Thank you!
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                  Has Better Fruit Trees ( been updated for SMAPI 3.2.0? The last update I can see on here is from November of last year, and I haven't been able to find anything more recent. I've been having problems with it in that it's not compatible with Better Junimos ( which is updated. If anyone could update this or help me figure out the problem with it, please let me know! Thanks in advance.
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                    Prismatic trash bin for prismatic tools?
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                      Does anyone know of a 1.4 compatible easy fishing mod? It's just way to hard for me :p
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                        the house hasn't changed from 1.3 to 1.4, so it should be fine
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                          Amazing i really love that mod and thank you!
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                            does this still work?
                            • SapphireFrost

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                              It should still work, I have this mod installed and it's been working for me
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