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    I want to thank everyone for their awesome work on all the coding in so quick a time. My requests are not in the least important, just old favorites for aesthetic reasons. Whenever someone gets the time - probably after the holidays. :)

    Yellog's Wood Buildings:
    Yellog's Seasonal Wood Fence:
    Yellog's craftables:
    The doghouse reskin match Yellog's buildings:

    That's it. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday, whichever holiday it is that you celebrate. And if you don't celebrate any - I hope you enjoy good cheer (and homemade cookies) from those around you!
    • Moragaine

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      @purplefeenix These are all Content Patcher packs and will most likely still work as intended, unless the tilesheet being edited has been changed.
      • erinjean

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        Thank you SO, so much. You have no idea how much I love this mod.
        • arokken

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          Stack Everything
          Quality Products
          Teh's Fishing Overhaul

          please, thanks
          • Smallcorners

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            Teh's Fishing Overhaul

            I know it is listed above, and probably 20 more times in the listing, but fishing is nigh on impossible for me without it, and I don't want to be so cheaty as to have instant fish.

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            • Alyssandra92

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              Does this include a Immersive Farm 2 patch for Stardew Valley Expanded users (who also use IF2)?

              If not, if someone could include the patch (the other one is on Nexus), that'd be great. Not sure if the patch that is for the old version of Deep Woods would still work with SDV 1.4.
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              • fudge5962

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                Trying to update Split Screen by Ilyaki. Ton of dependencies to get the thing to build in the first place. Does anybody know how to find/implement a reference to AutoHotkey.Interop? It's some kind of wrapper for AutoHotkey in .net, but I have literally no idea how to reference it. It's the only dependency I need before I can start trying to update.

                • Mizzion

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                  You would have to test it out, I don't use any other mods while testing the unofficial updates, sorry. I can tell you that this is just the vanilla DeeperWoods mod updated.
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                  • Cactuars

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                  • minervamaga

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                    Winter Grass did not need an update.
                    Ali's Flower Grass is a CP mod and A) doesn't belong here and :cool: is working without updates.
                    Better Mixed Seeds updated today:
                    Trent's mods are content packs and need the BFAV framework to update first.
                    Prospurrity is the same.
                    Deluxe Auto Grabber has an update:
                    Mail Framework and its dependent mods updated officially:
                    Kisekae is broken and will likely remain that way.
                    One Click Shed Reloader is updated:
                    Skull Cavern Elevator link below.

                    Dear Diary is updated:
                    Deep Woods has an unofficial update in this thread now if you didn't see it already:
                    Furniture Anywhere is updated:
                    Monthly Mail is updated and is closed source:
                    More Animals is now updated, but you can also use Adopt and Skin: or
                    NPC Map Locations is updated:
                    PrairieKingMadeEasy is updated:
                    Sauvignon in Stardew is broken, but you could check out Stardew Brewery instead:
                    Stardew Symphony Remastered is broken, try Custom Music instead:

                    That mod is not open source, but was marked updated and compatible:
                    Immersive Characters is a CP pack and should work fine as is, as long as it doesn't replace the characters sheet.

                    A reminder that this thread is for SMAPI mods, not content packs! Request an update for a content pack on the mod page, but please don't spam the authors. If you have a mod that needs converted from XNB to Content Patcher, we have another thread for that here:

                    Please be patient, we are working as fast as we can to update mods, but cannot update any mods that are not open source! Remember to check frequently for updates and check if they are open source before requesting an update (under Advanced Info). Thank you all for the support!

                    We addressed this with someone in the SDV discord this morning: that patch is for only the original IF2, not the SVE IF2R map. Deep Woods will work without any further packs needed for SVE players!
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                    • maxiner

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                      do we know if there is possibility for a 1.4 friendly version of kisekae?
                      • ridoggs

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                      • Paradisemaydie

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                        This Better Quarry was updated for 1.3 with the author permission by Olivki but needs updating for 1.4
                        If anyone feelsup for the challenge

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                        • sashuka

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                        • mulleo2k

                          mulleo2k Void-Bound Voyager

                          Teh's Fishing mod is the only mod I'm really missing that matters now. Thanks so much everyone for your effort!

                          In lieu of Teh's mod, is there anything similar that shows what fish is currently biting? That is what I really miss the most
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                          • CARROOTS

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                            Teh's Fishing mod would be awesome, thanks for everything
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                            • minervamaga

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                              Kisekae will likely be replaced with a new, lighter mod, since the vanilla clothing system has changed so much.

                              Try to share the mod page or the link, because we need the source code!

                              That one is a content pack, it should be good to go. It only adds new events, it doesn't edit existing ones.
                              Teh is working on updates, having some issues with the fishing mechanic changes. Hopefully it'll be up soon!
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                              • Wingyl

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                                Can we get an update for Anthro Farmers Continued? It's broken in about three different ways right now, being a hybrid of Kisekae overrides, XNB farmer replacers, and Content Patcher farmer edits and replacers that rely on the other two parts to work.

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