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    I’ve been playing for a few months now, and I’ve gotten pretty good at fishing without putting bait or tackle on my rod, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to use bait or tackle and think I won’t ever be to catch certain fish without it. The instructions on the wiki talk about right-clicking, but that’s not relevant to my iPad. I suspect I’ll be kicking myself after it’s explained, but things that are simple aren’t always intuitive.

    Thanks in advance! (I promise I searched the forums before posting. )
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      The support forum is for bugs or other technical issues with the game. Moved to general discussion.

      As for your question: "For the mobile version, you can add bait to your fishing rod by opening your inventory, then drag the bait and drop it on top of the rod." from the wiki.
      • mosasaur7

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        I guess I only ever looked at the tackle page in the wiki, which only mentions right-clicking.

        Anyway, I’ve tried drag and drop more times than I can count because it’s the obvious thing to do on an iPad, and it doesn’t work. I just tried again. I press on the bait in the inventory, and when I try to drag, all that happens is that the inventory moves up and down and I can’t ever drop the bait on the rod.

        thank you!

        Aha, it works if I open a chest, and drag and drop within my inventory while the chest is open. But I can’t do it otherwise.
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          You should be able to do it within the pause menu

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