Modding Help Using Health/stamina as trigger

Discussion in 'Mods' started by natmakesbadart, Feb 11, 2021.

  1. natmakesbadart

    natmakesbadart Big Damn Hero

    Baby modder here(first mod ever!) I want to create a spouse dialogue expansion that is triggered when the farmer is at a certain health level. I was wondering if anyone knew what a trigger for that would be?
    • Eros DkAl

      Eros DkAl Pangalactic Porcupine

      I don't think there is any trigger for dialogs that works that way, since dialogs are not even based on triggers but on preconditions (such as day, weather, relationship, etc). (Although I think that using harmony you could make something like that work. I don't know, I could be mistaken.)

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