V1.4 Screenshot tool is revolutionary: Pause, Notes, Helicopter/God's eye, etc

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by FickleRhubarb, Feb 20, 2020.

  1. FickleRhubarb

    FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

    CA added a drone to the farmer's tools! :nurudapper:

    I have been gradually expanding my understanding of the potential of the v1.4 Screenshot tool. I'd love to hear some other discoveries.

    Here's what I have discovered:

    Open the Inventory/Menu, go to the Controls tab, and put the slider all the way to the bottom (see A in image). There you find a screenshot tool (see image). Click the camera, then Open Destination Folder, then use your System PNG viewer to snoop.

    This tool provides the PAUSE functionality I have wanted. I have wanted a single-key pause that lets me peruse the screen at leisure. But this is better. Much, much better.

    HELICOPTER (God's eye)
    People! This is almost like cheating! (Hopefully ConcernedApe doesn't decide this is overpowered. :nuruconfused:)

    This tool not only captures the current view, but the entire current map at full resolution (!!!).
    • I enter a mine floor and get a full view of the floor including autospawned ladders (no wasting time trying to hunt/determine that or break rocks to get a ladder that will never appear), monsters, crates/barrels, special nodes, etc.
    • I enter Pelican Town and can immediately see where Haley, Alex, Jas, Forage, and Artifact Spots are.
    • I am on my farm and can quickly determine (at full resolution) where I will go to exit south or find the trees etc I want to harvest.
    • I copy a screenshot of the Museum to my Savefile folder. No more auditing and combing through my Museum checklist to remember what I donated.
    • This spurs me to use Windows Snipping Tool (operating system) screen shots to keep notes on what's in my remote chests, especially before I do a chaotic move like falling asleep on the job near a remote chest.
    • Elenna101

      Elenna101 Subatomic Cosmonaut

      Yeah, I suspect CA didn't really think through making it so that the screenshot lets you see the entire map. My assumption is that he added this tool for people to share pictures of their farms, in which case you obviously want a picture of the whole thing, but it's really versatile. Admittedly it would be way too tedious for me to check it on every mine floor, but for floors like 19 or 32 it's super useful.
      Also, you can open the screenshot in Paint or whatever other picture-editing tool to make notes on it. Mostly I've seen this used by TheHaboo to make note of what oaks are going to drop two acorns before he resets the day, but surely there exist other uses for it.
      • ThorfinnS

        ThorfinnS Orbital Explorer

        I think if he were worried about people "cheating" by seeing the whole map, he'd also think reloading after figuring out which oaks are double acorns is cheating. Or any of the other predictable elements of the game. Only makes a difference to min-max runs, which tend to be people who don't care how many reloads it takes to get a perfect day.
        • FickleRhubarb

          FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

          Good point. For myself, I draw the line at reloading for better luck. I generally will only reload because of my own short-sightedness and inattention. So for me, the screenshot tool makes a huge difference in playing with deliberation and foresight.
          • ShneekeyTheLost

            ShneekeyTheLost Black Hole Surfer

            It isn't reloading for better luck, as your luck is determined prior to the save point. It is pulling a Groundhogs Day by checking which trees have double acorns, then resetting and targeting those specific trees and no others.

            Other than that... yea, that's a thing. However, not many people, not even many min-maxers, are likely to go through the trouble to keep tabbing out to check the map repeatedly.
            • FickleRhubarb

              FickleRhubarb Twenty-three is number one

              I see. I guess I am an odd fellow in that regard. I am very comfortable with multi-tasking, and I have two monitors. So I am safely an outlier. :p Yay!

              Yeah. I get what you are saying about preview vs. luck. I suppose people aren't replaying a day just to get better luck the next day. :-D

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