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[Vanilla Modding] [SOCIAL] [RP] iLoveBacons.com - +60 Slots & More!

Discussion in 'Public Servers' started by Bacon, Dec 4, 2013.

  1. Haven't check in here for a long time, but yes, password is found at http://ilovebacons.com/pass
    It's not fully public to balance out the pressure we have on peak times, being constantly full and overall griefers/etc.
  2. JustaRandomGamer75

    JustaRandomGamer75 Intergalactic Tourist

    Thks, ill try to get on soon.

    Come check us out, player limits were increase to 70!
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  4. Custardsquare

    Custardsquare Big Damn Hero

    Would love to co-op with some people on here u 3 u
  5. Recommend teamspeak to try to get a co-op party easily going. The activity is so high new players looking for parties are not visible enough. :p
  6. Yusuke Urameshi

    Yusuke Urameshi Cosmic Narwhal

    Would it be too much to ask to get our ship protected by default?
  7. It's outside what Starbound can do. Our server has high player activities so wrappers are no good solution even if they can provide this kind of tweaks.
    Currently it's a matter of trust and backups unfortunately.
  8. Yusuke Urameshi

    Yusuke Urameshi Cosmic Narwhal

    Hmm, I don't know what wrappers are. But you're saying that the high number of players prevents these kinds of tweaks? I've seen other servers do it but they were not holding nearly as many players as you are.
    I admit I am having a hard time understanding how these commands that I use to protect my ship:
    /settileprotection 65535 true
    /settileprotection 65532 true
    /settileprotection 65531 true
    And applying these to everyone upon entering the server would be draining on the server's resources.
    It sounds like all you would be doing would be changing three values from destructible to indestructible.
    Regardless, these commands can be used in a single player world and their effect transferred over into a multiplayer server, preventing destruction of your ship in any way.
    The ID values may change though depending on if you are a different race (I am of the human race.) And I have only tried it as a human. The player first has to enter admin mode, and then debug mode, and then move the cursor over the tiles in his ship, to figure out what dungeon ID numbers make up the ship. Then apply the commands above using those numbers.
    Then attempt to destroy objects with the matter manipulator, and see if it is successful. If not, enter debug mode again to find the dungeon ID number of the tile that got destroyed, and enter the protection command for that ID number.

    I may be completely off base in figuring out how to apply protection to multiplayer ships upon entering the server, but I did want to mention that there is another way to protect your ship.
    To turn the protection off, simple use the commands you used to protect it, but change true to false.
    I'm going to be posting a guide about this since I only found this out yesterday, I'm surprised no one has really talked about this because to me this is an absolute necessity before even bothering with multiplayer. Otherwise partying up just becomes one mass of frustration.
  9. Brycen

    Brycen Phantasmal Quasar

    I dont think its considered open if you still have a password to get on
  10. @Yusuke Urameshi that's a way to do it, protecting them on Singleplayer possibily will bring them to MP with the tile protection against destruction, they will still be able to loot containers though.

    Currently there is no such login to get online.
  11. http://ilovebacons.com/threads/modding-mall-is-live.10415/


    The server Modding Mall is finally open, you can finally buy other players custom items from their stores on our server by visiting our mall. The mall is linked to the general teleporter always at our homeworld (usually a teleporter item or a black door)

    Mall Navigator Coordinate: x17, y17 PLANET II

    IMPORTANT: To buy custom weapons (left side shops) you will require a mod that makes them usable, this is due a change that happened on SB 1.0 makes it so it can't be done like before without this patch. Download the Item Mod 2.0 on http://ilovebacons.com/im

    The Item Mod 2.0 was updated yesterday to change the scripts so that if player without the mod gets the custom weapon it won't crash, instead it will display a vanilla item.
    Have fun! {1f389}
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  13. [Roleplay] Reclamation Update

    Following the defeat of Ruin, a Peace unlike any previously known spread through-out the stars.

    Those whom had been chosen by the Cultivator and received its blessings combined their skills and stood together; prepared to face any new threats that might trouble the galaxy.

    Though a diplomatic solution was sought to unite all of the races into an alliance, the core of their beliefs differed so greatly that two separate factions were created as a result.

    The Cultivator’s Order were a group focused on the Legacy of the Protectorate; to follow in the footsteps of the Cultivator whom nurtured the universe. Because of this the Order felt it would be best to establish Peace for the Galaxy and all those within it through political and diplomatic means.

    The Steel Syndicate, on the other hand, felt it naïve to think such pacifistic means were enough to maintain peace throughout the galaxy and that Military might was the only way to truly secure the future of the Universe.

    Despite their differing opinions on how to approach the future the plans for the first step forward was the same…

    To reclaim Earth.


    RP Rules:
    The Rules will be in effect within the new Official Role-play Hub; all role-play that tasks place there is subject to these guidelines.

    For plays who do not wish to follow them; you are free to create and maintain your own hubs.

    RP Whitelist:
    Those wishing to Role-play in the said Official Hub are required to read an accept the Official Hubs Terms of Service. Failure to abide by these rules will result in a Player’s whitelisting being revoked and no longer having access to the Official Hub.

    New RP Hub & Factions:
    Bringing you the Ruins of Earth! Featuring a new Tavern and Faction bases.

    Players will be able to choose to either join the Cultivator’s Order or Steel Syndicate or gain access to the Faction base of their choosing.

    Promoted Events:
    Game-Master led events held in the Role-play Hub should offer Players unique and challenging tasks as representatives of the two Factions, with the winners gaining the spoils of Victory within their Faction’s hub.
  14. [Roleplay] Reclamation Update is now live within the main SB server. ;)
  15. [​IMG]

    iLoveBacons now has SB Login Accounts implemented. This gives you your very own login for this server <3

    More Info & Get your login at: http://ilovebacons.com/acc/
  16. protalak

    protalak Space Spelunker

    liked this server recently..
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  17. PlasmaFlame

    PlasmaFlame Orbital Explorer

    is this server for unstable? :kitten2:

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