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RELEASED Vanta Race 1.0

The Nightars, resurrected and reborn!

  1. Joseph K

    Joseph K Cosmic Narwhal

    Never played it, but the vehicle looks cool
  2. AbsoluteXero

    AbsoluteXero Phantasmal Quasar

    Right, so it's not quite ready for release yet, but I'm going to go ahead and give you a heads-up:

    The next update is going to break existing characters as well as the universe files, due to retooling the biome I put in as well as removing/retooling certain integrations.

    I wasn't really happy with the way I just threw things together for the sake of getting new content into the mod, and it wouldn't be fair to the community to call it a true, stable mod with all of the current issues that I've seen/have been reported. The extended silence is due to the point I just described, but also making sure I have the majority of new content ready or at least in proper staging for subsequent updates.

    In short:


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