Villagers Should Use the Community Center More

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Bonabopn, May 15, 2018.

  1. Bonabopn

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    i spent a lot of time and effort with the community center and even fully restored it feels like a ghost house. :c

    can we have the villagers change their routines to use the community center more when it is restored? i know clint and lewis use it, but it does not seem anyone else does.

    for example, penny could teach the kids there and leah could paint in the crafts room.

    what do you guys think could be done in the CC?
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    • Freakazillion

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      I agree they really should have changed some schedules so people would go there, or maybe have a new festival in there
      • gummywyrms

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        Yes, please! It's so weird that no one uses it. According to the Wiki, sometimes the villagers will hang out there on Fridays, but I've never seen it happen.

        Some ideas:
        • Emily, Leah and Robin could randomly hold courses in the crafts room. You would get an invite the morning of, and be able to attend and gain some friendship with everyone attending.
        • George and Evelyn could hang out there sometimes, and talk about what the center used to be like.
        • Linus could sneak in late at night to use the kitchen - even if he does have his campfire, I imagine sometimes it might just be easier to cook certain things in a kitchen - or else he might take a few things from the pantry, when he needs it.
        • Gus, Marnie and Pierre could stock the pantry with extra food for the villagers to help themselves to.
        • Willy could stock the fish tank with some seasonal fish at the beginning of every month, and clicking on it would allow you to view information on them.
        • People could leave their leftovers in the pantry and kitchen for others to take, giving you a free meal and/or food item as a daily event.
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