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Discussion in 'NPCs and Creatures' started by SebaJK7, Dec 31, 2012.

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    When I looked at the second place mob on the monster monster contest, I immediately got the idea of having them as pets !
    diff. Viorbs will attack different ways, and you can make them "stick to your head"( I forgot the custom term)
    and they will afflict POSITIVE buffs, such as the fire one will make you immune to fire, lava and the "on fire" debuff, but it will not stop damage that comes with the burning in certain cases.
    if you want to know my idea for a kind of viorb pet (fire, water, air , etc.) just ask!
  2. You spelled "VIRORB" wrong:lod:
  3. I think it's been mentioned that you can tame certain creatures as your familiars/pets. Virorb's would fall into that category I believe.
  4. SebaJK7

    SebaJK7 Aquatic Astronaut

    also been thinking that there might be virorb batteries and when you have a pet virorb using its powers on you it would waste batteries and if you ran out the virorb pet wont be able to use its powers on you.
    you could also use virorb batteries to pet them (like bones & wolves on Minecraft)

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